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Shane Meadows: Critical Essays
By Martin Fradley, Sarah Godfrey, Melanie Williams.
Edinburgh University Press, 2013
Shanghai on Strike: The Politics of Chinese Labor
By Elizabeth J. Perry.
Stanford University, 1993
Shanghai Sojourners
By Frederic Wakeman Jr., Wen-Hsin Yeh.
Institute of East Asian Studies, 1992
Shankara and Indian Philosophy
By Natalia Isayeva.
State University of New York Press, 1993
FREE! Shantung: Treaties and Agreements
By Carnegie Endowment For International Peace.
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1921
The Shape of the New Europe
By Gregory F. Treverton.
Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1992
The Shape of the Past
By Gordon Graham.
Oxford University, 1997
The Shape of the Turtle: Myth, Art, and Cosmos in Early China
By Sarah Allan.
State University of New York Press, 1991
The Shapes and Styles of Asian American Prose Fiction
By Esther Mikyung Ghymn.
Peter Lang Publishing, 1992
Shape-Shifting: Images of Native Americans in Recent Popular Fiction
By Gina MacDonald, Andrew MacDonald, Mary Ann Sheridan.
Greenwood Press, 2000
Shaping Abortion Discourse: Democracy and the Public Sphere in Germany and the United States
By Myra Marx Ferree, William Anthony Gamson, Jürgen Gerhards, Dieter Rucht.
Cambridge University Press, 2002
The Shaping of American Diplomacy
By William Appleman Williams.
Rand McNally, 1956
The Shaping of American Religion - Vol. 1
By James Ward Smith, A. Leland Jamison.
Princeton University Press, 1961
The Shaping of Colonial Virginia
By Thomas J. Wertenbaker.
Russell & Russell, 1958
The Shaping of Modern America, 1877-1920
By Vincent P. De Santis.
Harlan Davidson, 2000
The Shaping of Modern Thought
By Crane Brinton.
Prentice-Hall, 1963
The Shaping of Postwar Germany
By Edgar McInnis, Richard Hiscocks, Robert Spencer.
Frederick A. Praeger, 1960
The Shaping of the Dynasts: A Study in Thomas Hardy
By Walter F. Wright.
University of Nebraska Press, 1967
The Shaping of the Modern Middle East
By Bernard Lewis.
Oxford University Press, 1994
The Shaping of the West Indian Church, 1492-1962
By Arthur Charles Dayfoot.
University of the West Indies, 1999
Shaping the Common Law: From Glanvill to Hale, 1188-1688
By Thomas Garden Barnes, Allen D. Boyer.
Stanford Law Books, 2008
Shaping the Moral Life: An Approach to Moral Theology
By Klaus Demmer, James E. Keenan, Roberto Dell'Oro.
Georgetown University Press, 2000
Shaping the Novel: Textual Interplay in the Fiction of Malraux, Hébert, and Modiano
By Constantina Thalia Mitchell, Paul Raymond Côté.
Berghahn Books, 1996
The Shaping Vision of Gerard Manley Hopkins
By Alan Heuser.
Oxford University Press, 1958
Shared Cognition in Organizations: The Management of Knowledge
By Leigh L. Thompson, John M. Levine, David M. Messick.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999
The Shared Experience of Illness: Stories of Patients, Families, and Their Therapists
By Susan H. McDaniel, Jeri Hepworth, William J. Doherty.
Basic Books, 1997
Shared Experience: The Psychoanalytic Dialogue
By Luciana Momigliano Nissim, Andreina Robutti.
Karnac Books, 1992
A Shared Space: Folklife in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands
By James S. Griffith.
Utah State University Press, 1995
Shareholder Value Management in Banks
By Leo Schuster.
St. Martin's Press, 2000
Shari'a and Politics in Modern Indonesia
By Arskal Salim, Azyumardi Azra.
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2003
Shariah Compliant Private Equity and Islamic Venture Capital
By Fara Madehah Ahmad Farid.
Edinburgh University Press, 2012
Sharing Democracy
By Michaele L. Ferguson.
Oxford University Press, 2013
Sharing Power: Public Governance and Private Markets
By Donald F. Kettl.
The Brookings Institution, 1993
Sharing the Dragon's Teeth: Terrorist Groups and the Exchange of New Technologies
By Kim Cragin, Peter Chalk, Sara A. Daly, Brian A. Jackson.
Rand, 2007
Sharing the Sky: A Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Astronomy
By David H. Levy, Larry A. Lebofsky, Nancy R. Lebofsky.
Perseus Publishing, 1997
Sharing World Leadership? A New Era for America & Japan
By John H. Makin, Donald C. Hellmann.
American Enterprise Institute, 1989
The Shark and the Sardines
By Juan José Arévalo.
L. Stuart, 1961
Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare
By Dorothy Roberts.
Basic Civitas Books, 2001
Shattered Dreams? An Oral History of the South African AIDS Epidemic
By Gerald M. Oppenheimer, Ronald Bayer.
Oxford University Press, 2007
Shattered Past: Reconstructing German Histories
By Konrad H. Jarausch, Michael Geyer.
Princeton University Press, 2003
Shattered Voices: Language, Violence, and the Work of Truth Commissions
By Teresa Godwin Phelps.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2004
The Shavuot Anthology
By Philip Goodman.
Jewish Publication Society, 1992
Shaw and Joyce: The Last Word in Stolentelling
By Martha Fodaski Black.
University Press of Florida, 1995
Shaw and the Doctors
By Roger Boxill.
Basic Books, 1969
Shaw on Education
By Louis Simon.
Columbia University Press, 1958
Shaw the Dramatist
By Louis Crompton.
University of Nebraska Press, 1969
Shaw: The Style and the Man
By Richard M. Ohmann.
Wesleyan University Press, 1962
By C. E. M. Joad.
Gollancz, 1949
The Shawnee Prophet
By R. David Edmunds.
University of Nebraska Press, 1983
Shays' Rebellion: The Making of an Agrarian Insurrection
By David P. Szatmary.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1980
Shays's Rebellion: The American Revolution's Final Battle
By Leonard L. Richards.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002
FREE! She Stoops to Conquer
By Oliver Goldsmith, C. Moore Smith.
Frederick A. Stokes, 1897
A Sheaf of Studies
By E. K. Chambers.
Oxford University Press, 1942
FREE! A Sheaf
By John Galsworthy.
C. Scribner's Sons, 1916
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