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Technology, Health Care, and Management in the Hospital of the Future
By Eliezer Geisler, Koos Krabbendam, Roel Schuring.
Praeger, 2003
Technology, R&D, and the Economy
By Bruce L. R. Smith, Claude E. Barfield.
Brookings Institutuion, 1996
Technology, War, and Fascism - Vol. 1
By Douglas Kellner, Herbert Marcuse.
Routledge, 1998
Technology: A World History
By Daniel R. Headrick.
Oxford University Press, 2009
"Tecumseh" and Other Stories of the Ohio River Valley
By Julia L. Dumont, Sandra Parker.
Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 2000
Tecumseh: Vision of Glory
By Glenn Tucker.
Bobbs-Merrill, 1956
Tedder: Quietly in Command
By Williamson Murray, Vincent Orange.
F. Cass, 2003
Teddy Kollek, Builder of Jerusalem
By Abraham Rabinovich.
Jewish Publication Society, 1996
Teddy Roosevelt & Leonard Wood, Partners in Command
By John S. D. Eisenhower.
University of Missouri Press, 2014
Teen Games Rule! A Librarian's Guide to Platforms and Programs
By Julie Scordato, Ellen Forsyth.
Libraries Unlimited, 2014
Teen Gangs: A Global View
By Maureen P. Duffy, Scott Edward Gillig.
Greenwood Press, 2004
Teen Guide to Getting Started in the Arts
By Carol L. Ritzenthaler.
Greenwood Press, 2002
Teen Guide to Personal Financial Management
By Marjolijn Bijlefeld, Sharon K. Zoumbaris.
Greenwood Press, 2000
Teen Legal Rights
By Kathleen A. Hempelman.
Greenwood Press, 2000 (Revised edition)
Teen Mothers and the Revolving Welfare Door
By Kathleen Mullan Harris.
Temple University Press, 1997
Teen-Age Alcoholism
By Jim Haskins.
Hawthorn Books, 1976
Teenage Pregnancy: A Global View
By Andrew L. Cherry, Mary E. Dillon, Douglas Rugh.
Greenwood Press, 2001
The Teenage Revolution
By Peter Laurie.
Anthony Blond, 1965
Teenage Witches: Magical Youth and the Search for the Self
By Helen A. Berger, Douglas Ezzy.
Rutgers University Press, 2007
Teenagers and Community Service: A Guide to the Issues
By Maureen E. Kenny, Laura A. Gallagher.
Praeger, 2003
Teenagers: An American History
By Grace Palladino.
Basic Books, 1996
Teilhard and the Future of Humanity
By Thierry Meynard.
Fordham University Press, 2006
Teilhard's Vision of the past: The Making of a Method
By Robert J. S. J. O'Connell.
Fordham University Press, 1982
Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas
By Jesús F. De la Teja, Raúl A. Ramos, David R. McDonald, Andrés Tijerina, Stephen L. Hardin, Robert E. Wright, Carolina Castillo Crimm, Andrés Reséndez, James E. Crisp, Timothy Matovina, Alonzo Salazar.
Texas A & M University Press, 2010
Tel-Aviv, the First Century: Visions, Designs, Actualities
By Maoz Azaryahu, S. Ilan Troen.
Indiana University Press, 2012
Tele-Advising: Therapeutic Discourse in American Television
By Mimi White.
University of North Carolina Press, 1992
Telecommunications and Rural Development: A Study of Private and Public Sector Innovation
By Jurgen Schmandt, Frederick Williams, Robert H. Wilson, Sharon Strover.
Praeger Publishers, 1991
Telecommunications Deregulation: Market Power and Cost Allocation Issues
By John R. Allison, Dennis L. Thomas, W. Cooper, George Kozmetsky.
Quorum Books, 1990
Telecommunications in Europe
By Eli Noam.
Oxford University Press, 1992
Telecommunications in the Pacific Basin: An Evolutionary Approach
By Eli Noam, Seisuke Komatsuzaki, Douglas A. Conn.
Oxford US, 1994
The Telecommunications Industry
By Susan E. McMaster.
Greenwood Press, 2002
Telecommunications Networks: Issues and Trends
By M. E. L. Jacob.
Knowledge Industry Publications, 1986
Telecommunications Policy and Economic Development: The New State Role
By Jurgen C. Schmandt, Frederick Richard Williams, Robert H. Wilson.
Praeger Publishers, 1989
Telecommunications Policy for the 1990s and Beyond
By Walter G. Bolter, James W. McConnaughey, Fred J. Kelsey.
M. E. Sharpe, 1990
Telecommunications Politics: Ownership and Control of the Information Highway in Developing Countries
By Bella Mody, Johannes M. Bauer, Joseph D. Straubhaar.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995
Telecommunications Research Resources: An Annotated Guide
By James K. Bracken, Christopher H. Sterling.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995
Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology, and Consciousness
By Roy Ascott, Edward A. Shanken.
University of California Press, 2003
By Ilan Stavans.
Greenwood, 2010
The Telephone
By Rebecca Stefoff.
Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2006
Televangelism: The Marketing of Popular Religion
By Razelle Frankl.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1987
Televised Presidential Debates and Public Policy
By Sidney Kraus.
L. Erlbaum Associates, 2000 (2nd edition)
Televised Presidential Debates: Advocacy in Contemporary America
By Susan A. Hellweg, Michael Pfau, Steven R. Brydon.
Praeger, 1992
Television and Child Development
By Judith Van Evra.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1990
Television and Child Development
By Judith Van Evra.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004 (3rd edition)
Television and Children: Program Evaluation, Comprehension, and Impact
By Brian R. Clifford, Barrie Gunter, Jill McAleer.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995
Television and Common Knowledge
By Jostein Gripsrud.
Routledge, 1999
Television and Everyday Life
By Roger Silverstone.
Routledge, 1994
Television and Its Viewers: Cultivation Theory and Research
By James Shanahan, Michael Morgan.
Cambridge University Press, 1999
Television and New Media Audiences
By Ellen Seiter.
Clarendon Press, 1999
Television and Political Advertising - Vol. 2
By Frank Biocca.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991
Television and Radio
By Giraud Chester, Garnet R. Garrison, Edgar E. Willis.
Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1971 (4th edition)
Television and Social Behavior: Reports and Papers - Vol. 5
By George A. Comstock, Eli A. Rubinstein, John P. Murray.
National Institute of Mental Health, 1972
Television and the American Family
By Jennings Bryant, J. Alison Bryant.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001
Television and the American Family
By Jennings Bryant.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1990
Television and the Exceptional Child: A Forgotten Audience
By Joyce Sprafkin, Kenneth D. Gadow, Robert Abelman.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1992
Television and the Quality of Life: How Viewing Shapes Everyday Experience
By Robert Kubey, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1990
Television and the Teaching of English
By Neil Postman.
Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1961
Television Culture
By John Fiske.
Routledge, 1987
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