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When You Sing It Now, Just like New: First Nations Poetics, Voices, and Representations
By Robin Ridington, Jillian Ridington.
University of Nebraska Press, 2006
When Your Child Has Been Molested: A Parents' Guide to Healing and Recovery
By Kathryn Brohl, Joyce Case Potter.
Jossey-Bass, 2004 (Revised edition)
When Youth Leave School
By Ruth E. Eckert, Thomas O. Marshall.
The Regents' Inquiry, 1938
Where Are You From? Middle-Class Migrants in the Modern World
By Dhooleka S. Raj.
University of California Press, 2003
Where Are You? An Ontology of the Cell Phone
By Maurizio Ferraris, Sarah De Sanctis.
Fordham University Press, 2014
Where China Meets Southeast Asia: Social & Cultural Change in the Border Regions
By Grant Evans, Christopher Hutton, Kuah Khun Eng.
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2000
Where Courage Is like a Wild Horse: The World of an Indian Orphanage
By Sharon Skolnick Skolnick (okee-Chee), Manny Skolnick.
University of Nebraska Press, 1997
Where Do I Start? A School Library Handbook
By Santa Clara County Office of Education.
Linworth, 2012 (2nd edition)
Where Do We Go from Here?
By Harold J. Laski.
The Viking Press, 1940
Where Horizons Go: Poems
By Rhina P. Espaillat.
New Odyssey Press, 1998
Where Is Science Going?
By Max Planck, James Murphy.
Norton, 1932
Where Laughter Stops: Pinter's Tragicomedy
By Bernard Frank Dukore.
University of Missouri Press, 1976
Where Lexicon and Syntax Meet
By Doris Schönefeld.
Mouton de Gruyter, 2001
Where No Flag Flies: Donald Davidson and the Southern Resistance
By Mark Royden Winchell.
University of Missouri Press, 2000
Where Peoples Meet: Racial and Ethnic Frontiers
By Everett Cherrington Hughes, Helen Hughes MacGill.
Free Press, 1952
Where the Ball Drops: Days and Nights in Times Square
By Daniel Makagon.
University of Minnesota Press, 2004
FREE! Where the Blue Begins
By Christopher Morley.
Lippincott, 1922
Where the Southern Cross the Yellow Dog: On Writers and Writing
By Louis D. Rubin Jr..
University of Missouri Press, 2005
FREE! Where There's a Will
By Mary Roberts Rinehart.
Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1912
Where Writing Begins: A Postmodern Reconstruction
By Michael Carter.
Southern Illinois University Press, 2003
The Whig Myth of James Fenimore Cooper
By Dorothy Waples.
Yale University Press, 1938
FREE! The Whig Party in Pennsylvania - Vol. 1
By Henry R. Mueller.
Columbia University, 1922
FREE! The Whig Party in the South
By Arthur Charles Cole.
American Historical Association, 1913
The Whig Supremacy, 1714-1760
By Basil Williams.
Clarendon Press, 1962 (2nd edition)
While America Watches: Televising the Holocaust
By Jeffrey Shandler.
Oxford University Press, 1999
While the Women Only Wept: Loyalist Refugee Women in Eastern Ontario
By Janice Potter-MacKinnon.
McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995
The Whirligig of Taste
By E. E. Kellett.
Harcourt Brace and Company, 1929
FREE! Whirligigs
By O. Henry.
Doubleday, Page, 1917
FREE! The Whirlpool of Europe
By Ethel Colquhoun, Archibald R. Colquhoun.
Dodd, Mead & Company, 1907
Whiskey Rebels: The Story of a Frontier Uprising
By Leland D. Baldwin.
University of Pittsburgh Press, 1939
Whispered Silences: Japanese Americans and World War II
By Joan Myers, Gary Y. Okihiro.
University of Washington Press, 1996
Whispering Death
By Mark Johnston.
Allen & Unwin, 2011
The Whispering Gallery: Autobiography I
By John Lehmann .
Harcourt Brace and Company, 1955
Whistleblower Law: A Guide to Legal Protections for Corporate Employees
By Stephen M. Kohn, Michael D. Kohn, David K. Colapinto.
Praeger, 2004
The Whistleblowers: Exposing Corruption in Government and Industry
By Myron Peretz Glazer, Penina Migdal Glazer.
Basic Books, 1989
Whistler the Friend
By Elizabeth Robins Pennell.
J. B. Lippincott Company, 1930
White April and Other Poems
By Lizette Woodworth Reese.
Farrar & Rinehart, incorporated, 1930
White by Law: The Legal Construction of Race
By Ian Haney López.
New York University Press, 2006 (Revised edition)
White Collar: The American Middle Classes
By C. Wright Mills.
Oxford University Press, 1956
The White Company
By Sir A. Conan Doyle.
Hurst & Company, 1988
The White Doe of Rylstone
By Alice Pattee Comparetti, William Wordsworth.
Cornell University Press, 1940
The White Earth Nation: Ratification of a Native Democratic Constitution
By Gerald Vizenor, Jill Doerfler.
University of Nebraska Press, 2012
The White House Speaks: Presidential Leadership as Persuasion
By Kathy B. Smith, Craig Allen Smith.
Praeger Publishers, 1994
The White House World: Transitions, Organization, and Office Operations
By Martha Joynt Kumar, Terry Sullivan.
Texas A&M University Press, 2003
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