Robert H. Bork

Bork, Robert Heron

Robert Heron Bork, 1927–2012, American jurist, b. Pittsburgh. He received his law degree from the Univ. of Chicago in 1953, and was professor of law at Yale (1962–73, 1977–81). While serving as U.S. solicitor general (1973–77), he played a key role in the Watergate affair. He was later a judge on the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (1982–88). In 1987, President Ronald Reagan nominated Bork to the U.S. Supreme Court. An outspoken conservative, Bork was widely criticized for his apparent opposition to advancement in civil liberties, his strongly conservative political and cultural views, and his narrow view of the Constitution. After acrimonious confirmation hearings, he was ultimately rejected by the Senate. Bork resigned from the federal court in Feb., 1988, and became a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. His books include The Tempting of America: The Political Seduction of the Law (1989) and Slouching toward Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline (1996).

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Robert H. Bork: Selected full-text books and articles

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The Decline and Fall of the Supreme Court: Living out the Nightmares of the Federalists By Christopher C. Faille Praeger Publishers, 1995
Librarian's tip: Chap. 8 "The Making of the Rehnquist Court" and Chap. 9 "The Bork Revue"
Contemporary Perspectives on Constitutional Interpretation By Susan J. Brison; Walter Sinnott-Armstrong Westview Press, 1993
Librarian's tip: Chap. 2 "Originalism" by Robert H. Bork
Judges on Judging: Views from the Bench By David M. O'Brien Chatham House Publishers, 1997
Librarian's tip: Chap. 16 "Tradition and Morality in Constitutional Law" by Robert H. Bork
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Adversary Jurisprudence. (the Survival of Culture: IX) By Bork, Robert H New Criterion, Vol. 20, No. 9, May 2002
Locating the Boundaries: The Scope of Congress's Power to Regulate Commerce By Bork, Robert H.; Troy, Daniel E Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Vol. 25, No. 3, Summer 2002
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Sanctimony Serving Politics: The Florida Fiasco By Bork, Robert H New Criterion, Vol. 19, No. 7, March 2001
In Defense of a Political Court By Terri Jennings Peretti Princeton University Press, 1999
Librarian's tip: Chap. 1 "Conventional Constitutional Theory: The Neutralist Approach"
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