Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership: Selected full-text books and articles

Modern Capitalism: Privatization, Employee Ownership, and Industrial Democracy
Nicholas V. Gianaris.
Praeger, 1996
The Expanding Role of ESOPs in Public Companies
Karen M. Young.
Quorum Books, 1990
Economic Democracy: The Politics of Feasible Socialism
Robin Archer.
Clarendon Press, 1998
Paying for Productivity: A Look at the Evidence
Alan S. Blinder.
Brookings Institution, 1990
The Real World of Employee Ownership
John Logue; Jacquelyn Yates.
Cornell University Press, 2001
The Challenge of New Technology and Macro-Political Change
William M. Lafferty; Eliezer Rosenstein.
Oxford University Press, 1993
Employees and Managers as Shareholders
Blasi, Joseph; Gasaway, James; Kruse, Douglas.
Human Resource Planning, Vol. 17, No. 4, December 1994
ESOPs Provide Unique Tax Benefits
Willens, Robert.
Journal of Accountancy, Vol. 177, No. 6, June 1994
Using ESOPs to Solve Succession Problems
Flesher, Dale L.
Journal of Accountancy, Vol. 177, No. 5, May 1994
Economic Research and Public Policy toward Employee Ownership in the United States
Conte, Michael A.
Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. 28, No. 2, June 1994
Impossible Organizations: Self-Management and Organizational Reproduction
Yohanan Stryjan.
Greenwood Press, 1989
Unheard Voices: Labor and Economic Policy in a Competitive World
Ray Marshall.
Basic Books, 1987
Innovations in Dequity Financing
Andrew H. Chen; John W. Kensinger.
Quorum Books, 1991
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