Privatization in the U.S.

Privatization in the U.S.: Selected full-text books and articles

Sharing Power: Public Governance and Private Markets By Donald F. Kettl The Brookings Institution, 1993
Private Means--Public Ends: Private Business in Social Service Delivery By Barry J. Carroll; Ralph W. Conant; Thomas A. Easton Praeger Publishers, 1987
Prospects for Privatization By Steve H. Hanke Academy of Political Science, 1987
Privatizing Transportation Systems By Simon Hakim; Paul Seidenstat; Gary W. Bowman Praeger, 1996
Privatizing Public Lands By Scott A. Lehmann Oxford University Press, 1995
Reinventing Public Education: How Contracting Can Transform America's Schools By Lawrence C. Pierce; James W. Guthrie; Paul T. Hill University of Chicago Press, 1997
The Great School Debate: Choice, Vouchers, and Charters By Thomas L. Good; Jennifer S. Braden Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000
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