Latin American Revolutions

Latin American Revolutions: Selected full-text books and articles

Modern Latin American Revolutions By Eric Selbin Westview Press, 1999 (2nd edition)
The Economics of Violence in Latin America: A Theory of Political Competition By Wilber Albert Chaffee Praeger Publishers, 1992
Librarian’s tip: Chap. Two "Latin America's Revolutions"
Latin American Societies in Transition By Robert C. Williamson Praeger, 1997
Librarian’s tip: Includes discussion of Latin American revolutions in multiple chapters
Change in Latin America: The Mexican and Cuban Revolutions By Daniel Cosio Villegas University of Nebraska Press, 1961
Revolution and Restoration: The Rearrangement of Power in Argentina, 1776-1860 By Mark D. Szuchman; Jonathan C. Brown University of Nebraska Press, 1994
Cuba: Anatomy of a Revolution By Leo Huberman; Paul M. Sweezy Monthly Review Press, 1960 (2nd edition)
Latin America in the Era of the Cuban Revolution By Thomas C. Wright Praeger, 2001 (Revised edition)
The Hovering Giant: U.S. Responses to Revolutionary Change in Latin America, 1910-1985 By Cole Blasier University of Pittsburgh Press, 1985 (Revised edition)
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