William Halsey

Halsey, William Frederick, Jr.

William Frederick Halsey, Jr.: (Bull Halsey) (hôl´sē), 1882–1959, American admiral, b. Elizabeth, N.J., grad. Annapolis, 1904. In World War II he led (Jan., 1942) a spectacular carrier raid against the Marshall Islands and Gilbert Islands, and during the campaign in the Solomon Islands he assumed command of the South Pacific area. As commander (1944–45) of the U.S. 3d Fleet, he commanded the naval action in the Philippines, won the battle of Leyte Gulf (Oct., 1944) and led (July, 1945) the seaborne bombardment of Japan. He was promoted (Nov., 1945) to fleet admiral (five-star admiral) and retired in 1947. His experiences in World War II were published as Admiral Halsey's Story (1947).

See J. M. Merrill, A Sailor's Admiral (1976).

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