Dormant Commerce Clause

Dormant Commerce Clause: Selected full-text books and articles

The Constitution as Political Structure
Martin H. Redish.
Oxford University Press, 1995
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 3 "The Dormant Commerce Clause and the Constitutional Balance of Federalism"
Landmark Supreme Court Cases: A Reference Guide
Donald E. Lively.
Greenwood Press, 1999
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 5 "State Police Power and the Dormant Commerce Clause"
A Beautiful Mend: A Game Theoretical Analysis of the Dormant Commerce Clause Doctrine
Stearns, Maxwell L.
William and Mary Law Review, Vol. 45, No. 1, October 2003
The Flawed Economics of the Dormant Commerce Clause
McGreal, Paul F.
William and Mary Law Review, Vol. 39, No. 4, March 1998
Old Whine in a New Battle: Pragmatic Approaches to Balancing the Twenty-First Amendment, the Dormant Commerce Clause, and the Direct Shipping of Wine
Eng, Gordon.
Fordham Urban Law Journal, Vol. 30, No. 6, September 2003
Who Rules the Net? Internet Governance and Jurisdiction
Adam Thierer; Clyde Wayne Crews Jr.
Cato Institute, 2003
Librarian’s tip: "Domant Commerce Limits" begins on p. 142
The Internet and the Dormant Commerce Clause
Goldsmith, Jack L.; Sykes, Alan O.
The Yale Law Journal, Vol. 110, No. 5, March 2001
Business Subsidies and the Dormant Commerce Clause
Coenen, Dan T.
The Yale Law Journal, Vol. 107, No. 4, January 1998
From Jim Crow to Civil Rights: The Supreme Court and the Struggle for Racial Equality
Michael J. Klarman.
Oxford University Press, 2004
Librarian’s tip: Discussion of the dormant commerce clause begins on p. 220
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