Southeast U.S. Archaeology

Southeast U.S. Archaeology: Selected full-text books and articles

Lost Cities of the Ancient Southeast
Mallory McCane O'Connor.
University Press of Florida, 1995
Archaeology of the Mid-Holocene Southeast
Kenneth E. Sassaman; David G. Anderson.
University Press of Florida, 1996
Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida
Jerald T. Milanich.
University Press of Florida, 1994
Political Structure and Change in the Prehistoric Southeastern United States
John F. Scarry.
University Press of Florida, 1996
The Savannah River Chiefdoms: Political Change in the Late Prehistoric Southeast
David G. Anderson.
University of Alabama Press, 1994
Our Georgia-Florida Frontier: The Okefinokee Swamp, Its History and Cartography
Albert Hazen Wright.
A.H. Wright , vol.1, 1945
FREE! Native Villages and Village Sites East of the Mississippi
David I. Bushnell Jr.
Government Printing Office, 1919
Towns and Temples along the Mississippi
David H. Dye; Cheryl Anne Cox.
University of Alabama, 1990
Changing Perspectives on the Archaeology of the Central Mississippi River Valley
Michael J. O'Brien; Robert C. Dunnell.
University of Alabama Press, 1998
FREE! Handbook of Aboriginal American Antiquities
W. H. Holmes.
Govt. Print. Off., 1919
Librarian’s tip: "The Georgia-Florida Area" begins on p. 102 and "The Middle and Lower Mississippi Valley Area" begins on p. 105
When the Land Was Young: Reflections on American Archaeology
Sharman Apt Russell.
Addison-Wesley, 1996
Librarian’s tip: Includes discussion of Southeast U.S. archaeology in multiple chapters
Mound Builders of Ancient America: The Archaeology of a Myth
Robert Silverberg.
New York Graphic Society, 1968
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