Academic journal article Defense Counsel Journal

Officers and Executive Committee

Academic journal article Defense Counsel Journal

Officers and Executive Committee

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President, Joan Fullam Irick, Indianapolis, Indiana

President-Elect, J. Walter Sinclair, Boise, Idaho

Immediate Past President, William C. Cleveland III, Charleston, South Carolins

Vice-President, Kirk G. Forrest, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Vice-President, Lee L. Bennett, Baltimore, Maryland

Secretary-Treasurer, John G. Maxa, New Bremen, Ohio

Executive Director, Oliver P. Yandle, Chicago, Illinois


The President, the President-elect, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the following elected members:

Terms ending July 2003
George S. Hodges
White Plains, New York

Christopher W. Tompkins
Seattle, Washington

Walter E. Zink II
Lincoln Nebraksa

Terms ending July 2004
S. Smart Clark
Sydney, New South Wales

Cathy Havener Greer
Denver, Colorado

Gregory M. Lederer
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Terms ending July 2005
John S. Bradford
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Patrick Lysaught
Kansas City, Missouri

Bruce R. Parker
Baltimore, Maryland


* MYRON W. VAN AUKEN                    1920-1923
* MARTIN P. CORNELIUS                   1923-1926
* EDWIN A. JONES                        1926-1932
* GEORGE W. YANCEY                      1932-1934
* WALTER R. MAYNE                       1934-1935
* J. ROY DICKIE                         1935-1936
* MARION N. CHRESTMAN                   1936-1937
* P. E. REEDER                          1937-1938
* MILO H. CRAWFORD                      1938-1939
* GERALD P. HAYES                       1939-1940
* OSCAR J. BROWN                        1940-1941
* WILLIS SMITH                          1941-1943
* PAT H. EAGER JR                       1943-1944
* F. B. BAYLOR                          1944-1946
* PAUL J. MCGOUGH                       1946-1947
* LOWELL WHITE                          1947-1948
* KENNETH P. GRUBB                      1948-1949
* L. DUNCAN LLOYD                       1949-1950
* WAYNE E. STICHTER                     1950-1951
* JOSEPH A. SPRAY                       1951-1952
* ALVIN R. CHRISTOVICH                  1952-1953
* J. A. GOOCH                           1953-1954
* STANLEY C. MORRIS                     1954-1955
* LESTER P. DODD                        1955-1956
* JOHN A. KLUWIN                        1956-1957
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