Academic journal article NBER Reporter

NBER Working Papers On-Line. (Current Working Papers)

Academic journal article NBER Reporter

NBER Working Papers On-Line. (Current Working Papers)

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A complete list of all NBER Working Papers with searchable abstracts, and the full texts of Working Papers (issued since. November 1994) are available at to anyone located at a university or other organization that subscribes to the (hard copy) Working Paper series.

If you believe that your organization subscribes, but you cannot access the online Working Paper service, please e-mail the NBER at for more information and assistance.

Individual copies of NBER Working Papers, Historical Factors in Long-Run Growth Papers, and Technical Papers are available free of charge to Corporate Associates. For all others, there is a charge of $10.00 per hardcopy or $5.00 per downloaded paper. (Outside the United States, add $10.00 per order for postage and handling.) Advance payment is required on all orders. To order, call the Publications Department at (617)868-3900 or visit Please have ready the number(s) of any Working Paper(s) you wish to order.

Subscriptions to the full NBER Working Paper series include all 500 or more papers published each year. Subscriptions are free to Corporate Associates. For others within the United States, the standard rate for a full subscription is $2200; for academic libraries and faculty members, $1275. Higher rates apply for foreign orders. The on-line standard rate for a full subscription is $1560 and the on-line academic rate is $630. Partial Working Paper subscriptions in, delineated by program, are also available.

For further information, see our Web site, or please write: National Bureau of Economic Research, 1050 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-5398.

Titles of all papers issued since January 2003 are presented below. For previous papers, see past issues of the NBER Reporter. Working Papers are intended to make results of NBER research available to other economists in preliminary form to encourage discussion and suggestions for revision before final publication. They are not reviewed by the Board of Directors of the NBER.

NBER Working Papers

Paper  Author(s)                   Title

9408   Dirk Krueger                Skill-specific rather than General
       Krishna B. Kumar            Education: A Reason for US-Europe
                                   Growth Differences?

9409   Stephen Ansolobehere        Why Is There So Little Money in

       John M. de Figueredo        politics?
       James M. Snyder

9410   Dirk Krueger                Pareto Improving Social Security
       Felix Kubler                Reform when Financial Markets are

9411   Alberto Alesina             Fractionalization
       Arnaud Devleeschauwer
       William Easterly
       Sergio Kurlat
       Romain Wacziarg

9412   Kent A. Smetters            Trading with the Unborn: A New
                                    Prespective on Capital Income

9413   Brian Jacob                 Rotten Apples: An Investigation of
       Steven D. Levitt             the Prevalence of Teacher Cheating

9414   Brian Jacob                 Catching Cheating Teachers: The
       Steven D. Levitt             Results of an Unusual Experiment
                                    in Implementing Theory

9415   Gilbert E. Metcalf          Oligopoly Deregulation and the
       George Norman                Taxation of Commodities

9416   Gilbert E. Metcalf          Oligopoly Deregulation in General
       George Norman                Equilibrium: A Tax Neutralization

9417   Robert E. Lipsey            Foreign Firms and Indonesian
       Fredrik Sjbholm              Manufacturing Wages: An Analysis
                                    With Panel Data

9418   Alan B. Krueger             Another Look at the New York City
       Pei Zhu                      School Voucher Experiment

9419   Marc P. … 
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