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Franz Schubert. (Music Reviews)

Academic journal article Notes

Franz Schubert. (Music Reviews)

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Franz Schubert. Klaviersonaten I. Vorgelegt von Walburga Litschauer. (Neue Ausgabe samtlicher Werke. Ser VII: Kiaviermusik; Abt. 2: Werke fur Klavier zu zwei Handen Bd. 1.) Kassel: Barenreiter, 2000. [Zur Edition, p. vii-viii; Vorwort, p. ix-xv; facsims., p. xvi-xxiii; score, 171 p.; Anhang, p. 173-235; Quellen und Lesarten, p. 237-55; Notenbeispiele, p. 257-58; Incipitverzeichnis, p. 259-62. Cloth. ISMN M-006-49711-9; BA 5553. [euro]189.]

Franz Schubert. Klaviersonaten III. Vorgelegt von Walburga Litschauer. (Neue Ausgabe samtlicher Werke. Ser VII: Klaviermusik; Abt. 2: Werke fur Klavier zu zwei Handen, Bd. 3.) Kassel: Barenreiter 1996. [Zur Edition, p. vii-viii; Vorwort, p. ix-xiv; facsims., p. xv-xxi; score, 154 p.; Anhang, p. 155-232; Quellen und Lesarten, p. 233-45; Notenbeispiele, p. 247-48; Incipitverzeichnis, p. 249. Cloth. ISMN M-006-47247-5; BA 5537. [euro]174.]

Franz Schubert. Klaviersonaten I: Die fruhen Sonaten. Herausgegeben von Walburga Litschauer. Urtext der Neuen Schubert-Ausgabe. (Barenreiter Urtext.) Kassel: Barenreiter, c2000. [Pref. in Ger., Eng., p. iv-xxi; facsims, p. xxii-xxix; score, p. 3-235. ISMN M-006-50713-9; BA 5642. [euro]34.90.]

Franz Schubert Samtliche Klaviersonaten Band 1: Sonaten D 157, 279, 459, 537, 557, 566, 567, 568, Fragment D 154, Menuetto D 277A. Nach den Quellen herausgegeben, kommentiert und mit Fingersatzen versehen von Martino Tirimo. Vienna: Wiener Urtext Edition, Schott/ Universal Edition, c1997. [Index, 4 facsims., 5 p.; pref., the present edition, and essay "Schubert and the Piano," in Ger., Eng., p. ix-xxxvii; score, 201 p.; appendix, p. 202-9; crit. notes, p. 210-29. ISMN M-50057223-7; UT 50220. [euro]21.50.] [The publisher did not supply review copies of vols. 2 and 3 (published 1998-99) of the edition, and they are not addressed in this review. Publication data are as follows. Band 2: Sonaten D 571, 575, 613, 625, 664, 784, 840, 845, Fragmente D 655, 769A; xxxvii, 242 p. ISMN M-50057-224-4; UT 50221. [euro]21.50. Band 3: Sonaten D 850, 894, und 958-960; xxxiv, 222 p.; ISMN M-50057-225-1; UT 50222. [euro]21.50. Ed.]

Franz Schubert. 6 Polonaisen fur das Pianoforte zu 4 Handen, Opus 61, D. 824 (1826). (Facsimile edition.] Concept: Sabine Goethals; tekst: Johan Eeckeloo, Sabine Goethals. Brussels: Bibliotheek Koninklijk Conservatorium, c1997. [Pref. in Dut., Fr., Ger., p. 3-4; essay". . . a quatre mains ..." (J. Eeckeloo, S. Goethals), p. 5-17; facsim. reprod. (color), 2 gatherings (loose-leaf), 12 and 8 p.; technische fiche, 1 leaf. Compact disc: Schubert: 6 polonaises, D. 824; Divertissement a la hongroise, D. 818; Luc Devos, Jan Michiels, piano (ca. 1815), SABAM, SOV87/1134, 1997. [euro]55.73.]

Franz Schubert. Third and Fourth Movements of the Unfinished Piano Sonata in C Major, D. 840, "Reliquie." Completed by Gunter Elsholz. Bad Soden, Germany: Gunter Elsholz, [1999]. [Pref. in Eng., Ger., 2 p.; score, p. 1-23. [euro]26.08.]

Franz Schubert. Three Schubert Piano Fragments (D. 347, D. 900, D. 916C). Completed by Gunter Elsholz. Bad Soden, Germany: Gunter Elsholz, [1999?]. [Notes, 1 p.; score, p. 1-32. [euro]26.08.]

The subject of this review is a group of Franz Schubert editions that illustrates a variety of approaches to the task of presenting this composer's keyboard music to the reader. We have here examples of the scholarly complete edition that all users look to as the embodiment of truth about a work; the practical edition that angles its scholarship toward providing guidance specific to the performer's needs; the facsimile, offering an alternative but complementary route by which the gap between composer and posterity may be bridged; and the completion of fragments, which can round out a view of the composer and may even stimulate critically creative thinking on the part of the listener. It goes without saying that all should be assessed according to their objectives and their value to the targeted readership. …

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