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If students and teachers search the Web for "math homework help," you may be surprised by all of the free, constructively helpful sites that are available. Some of these useful online math resources include:

* Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies ( is a free bulletin-board Web site where students can post or e-mail homework questions to a "Web" teacher.

* QuickMath ( and ( are automatic problem-solving sites that let students enter an expression and get an answer to math problems dealing with polynomial factoring, multiplication, long division, integration and differentiation.

* The Math Forum@Drexel's Ask Dr. Math ( maintains a database of math problems with tutorial solutions that lets students search for problems similar to those on their homework.

* S.O.S. Mathematics ( acts as a hyperlinked math textbook. Students who have trouble following either the textbook explanation or their teacher's lecture can visit this site for an additional explanation of a difficult concept that they may need to understand in order to complete a homework assignment.

Quitting Is Not an Option

Hotmath ( offers free tutorial solutions to the odd-numbered homework problems from most popular math textbooks. Currently, the site houses over 100,000 teacher-edited solutions for more than 30 popular math textbooks from pre-algebra through calculus. To begin, a student simply clicks on a textbook and page number, selects the troublesome problem number from a list o0 the screen, and the site instantly begins an interactive explanation for how to solve the problem. The student is then presented with a self-paced sequence of explained hints and steps, right up to the final answer.

The Hotmath tutorial solutions seek to mimic what a tutor or teacher would say if a student asked for help on the problem. Each solution is prepared in the context of the textbook, chapter and section by using the same methods and vocabulary. …


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