Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Golden Business Ideas

Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Golden Business Ideas

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Speed Up Cash Flow

In these tight times, doing something to expedite cash flow can make a big difference in a company's finances. And the department that can influence the flow of funds with the least effort and with almost no investment is credit and collections. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to give that department enough serious management attention. Here are steps a CFO can take to improve credit and collections' functioning, guaranteeing a significant boost in cash flow.

* Be sure controls are in place to confirm the creditworthiness of prospective buyers. Equally important, be sure the company doesn't ship any orders to accounts with past-due balances or to those that have exceeded their credit limits. Too often, companies are so delighted to make sales they overlook controls and often don't consult the credit department.

* Monitor billing procedures. Invoices should go out no later than a day after shipment. Examine the invoice format for clarity. Customers may set aside bills that ate confusing for later investigation--adding to the payment delay.

* Use only trained personnel to make collection calls--not part time clerks. It takes skill, maturity and persistence to be a good bill collector--so compensate them adequately.

Advice to collection caners:

* Before making the call, be sure the details of the bill are at hand. That way, if the customer says he or she is unaware of the bill, you can relate all the facts immediately.

* Your call will likely be taken by a payable clerk, Immediately ask to talk to his or her superior, because the clerk probably will have little or no authority to act on the bill.

* After pointing out the open balance in a sentence or two, stop talking. …

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