"A Privilege to Join a Winning Sports Sponsorship Team"

Article excerpt

It's a great privilege to be asked to join the team of the International Journal of Sports, Marketing & Sponsorship as Consultant Editor. When I decided to take-up the position, one of my many objectives was to enlighten the readership to the business opportunities in the area of sports sponsorship worldwide. My background is business/academic and I feel both compliment each other. In universities I am finding they are incorporating practical business into the teaching of students and high quality academic research will always be of benefit to any business sector.

Over the last twenty-five years sponsorship has most certainly changed. In Britain the Premiership in football has brought millions into the game and from golf to tennis we have seen sport and fans benefitting through the influx of millions of pounds.

In my view you get a better return from sponsorship over conventional advertising and you can meet your target audience a lot easier. Many high-tech products have benefitted through sponsorship, including in the IT market and mobile phones, which have gone on to become global players.

Sports sponsorship is not a new "toy" of the marketing department. The Greeks used to sponsor their chariot racing and Real Tennis was sponsored in Elizabeth I's time, but today it is at the forefront of the boardroom--an important part of the strategy of any company. …


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