HIR: 25 Years of Leadership

Article excerpt

The Harvard International Review has contributed to the world's debates on international affairs for a quarter of a century. Founded to promote academic exchange while informing the casual reader, the HIR's mission has only grown more urgent with the passing decades. In Adam Smith's era, it was plausible to assert that even if all the inhabitants of a foreign land were "swallowed up by an earthquake,' the average person, having learned of such a catastrophe, could nonetheless "snore with the most profound security." Today, people around the world are acutely aware that distant events can have profound relevance to their daily lives and that the fate of global issues is part of their own. Times have changed, and the HIR has taken the lead in reporting them.

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we have completely redesigned the HIR's interior layout to make our articles more accessible to a wide audience of readers while including new editorial features to enhance our coverage of world events. The HIR has long fostered thorough consideration of major issues of international affairs in our featured symposia, which include contributions of experts from around the world. …


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