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Academic journal article Notes

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This column is compiled quarterly based on the output of the monographic music cataloging units of the Library of Congress. Entries appear on the list as they are cataloged by the library, regardless of the date of publication.


Abbott, Lynn and Doug Seroff. Out of sight: the rise of African American popular music, 1889-1895. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, c2002, xvii, 510 p. ISBN 1-57806-499-6 (hbk.: alk. paper). LC 2002-007819.

American made music series

Adler, Tom. Lost to the world. With Anika Scott. Philadelphia: Xlibris; c2002. 179 p. ISBN 1-40108-388-9 (hbk.) ISBN 1-40108-387-0 (pbk.). LC 2002-096143.

Aggarwal, V. K. and Alka Nagpal. Indian music: trends and traditions. Delhi: Indian Bibliographies Bureau, 2002. viii, 88 p. ISBN 8185004390. LC 2002-289657.

Alfonso, Barry. The Billboard guide to contemporary Christian music. New York: Billboard Books, 2002. 288 p. ISBN 0-8230-7718-7, LC 2002-010375.

All music guide to the blues: the definitive guide to the blues. Ed. by Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, and Stephen Thomas Erlewine. 3d ed. San Francisco: Backbeat Books; Berkeley, CA: Distrb. to the book trade in the US and Canada by Publishers Group West; Milwaukee, WI: Distrb. to the music trade in the US and Canada by Hal Leonard, c2003, xii, 755 p. ISBN 0-87930-736-6 (alk. paper). LC 2003-040408.

AMG all media guide

Anchorage Opera, 40 years, 40 images. With photographs by Petra Lisiecki; ed. by Petra Lisiecki and Julie Decker. Anchorage, AK: Anchorage Opera, 2002. 102 p. ISBN 1-57833-203-6. LC 2003-266459.

Anderson, Paul Allen. Deep river: music and memory in Harlem Renaissance thought. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2001. x, 335 p. ISBN 0-8223-2577-2 (hbk.: alk. paper). ISBN 0-8223-2591-8 (pbk.: alk. paper). LC 2001-018750.

New Americanists

Asirvatham, Sandy. The history of jazz. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, c2003. 108 p. ISBN 0-7910-7265-7. LC 2002-154355.

American mosaic

Asirvatham, Sandy. The history of the blues. Philadelphia: Chelsea House. c2003. 104 p. ISBN 0-7910-7266-5 (hbk.). ISBN 0-7910-7490-0 (pbk.). LC 2002-154035.

American mosaic

Atkins, E. Taylor. Blue Nippon: authenticating jazz in Japan. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2001. xiv, 366 p. ISBN 0-8223-2710-4 (hbk.: alk. paper). ISBN 0-8223-2721-X (pbk.: alk, paper). LC 2001-023019.

Averill, Gage. Four parts, no waiting: a social history of American barbershop harmony. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2003. xii, 234 p. + 1 CD. ISBN 0-19-511672-0. LC 2002-000696,

American musicspheres

Barenboim, Daniel. A life in music. Ed. by Michael Lewin; rev. by Phillip Huscher. New York: Arcade Pub.: Distrb. by AOL Time Warner Book Group, 2003. x, 246 p. ISBN 1-55970-674-0. LC 2002-043750.

Barkley, Elizabeth F. Crossroads: popular music in America. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, c2003, xvi, 287 p. ISBN 0-13-097146-4, LC 2002-003695.

Bartle, Jean Ashworth. Sound advice: becoming a better children's choir conductor. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2003. xv, 271 p. ISBN 0-19-514178-4 (hbk.: alk. paper). LC 2002-002112.

Battisti, Frank. The winds of change: the evolution of the contemporary American wind band/ensemble and its conductor. Galesville, MD: Meredith Music Pubs., c2002. 412 p. ISBN 0-634-04522-9 (pbk.). LC 2002-103567.

The Beatles, popular music, and society: a thousand voices. Ed. by Ian Inglis. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000. xxii, 211 p. ISBN 0-312-22235-1 (hbk.). ISBN 0-312-22236-X (pbk.). LC 98-53894.

Bennett, Andy. Popular music and youth culture: music, identity, and place, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave, c2000, viii, 223 p. ISBN 0-312-22753-1. LC 99-16789.

Benson, Bruce Ellis. The improvisation of musical dialogue: a phenomenology of music. …

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