Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

"Anything Been Happening Lately?" (Upheaval in Banking) (Editorial)

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

"Anything Been Happening Lately?" (Upheaval in Banking) (Editorial)

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So it' s good-bye to Manny Hanny, that delightfully irreverent nickname for a large and very serious banking company.

A lot of bank names have gone by the boards in recent years. That made us wonder what it would be like talking to a former banker who had dropped out of banking in the early 70s and wanted to catch up on the news. The dialog might go something like this:

Manny Hanny is gone?

Well it's not official yet, but for all practical purposes, yes.

It merged with Chemical? That's incredible, they're arch rivals.

Were. You seem a little out of touch, this merger has been rumored for some time.

I've been selling life insurance in New Guinea for 16 years. Next I suppose you'll tell me that Citibank-I'm still not used to that name-and Bank of America have merged.

Not yet. But Bank of New York acquired Irving Trust a couple of years back. And Republic National of New York's been acquiring big New York City savings banks.

How's the other Republic National doing-the one in Dallas?

Let's see, how do I explain this ... it's now called NCNB Texas.

Come again?

Do you remember North Carolina National Bank? It goes by NCNB now and it's about to become NationsBank.

What's a NationsBank?

It's the new name for the bank that will result from the merger of NCNB and C&S/Sovran.

Pardon me?

I forgot, you've been out of touch. C&S/Sovran was the name of the bank that resulted from the merger of Citizens & Southern Corp. and Sovran Corp.

Ok, I remember C&S, but what was Sovran?

That was the new name for the old Virginia National Bank after it merged with F&M Bank, Richmond. But get this: if the NCNB deal goes through, NationsBank will be the third largest banking company in the country, right behind the new Chemical. …

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