Academic journal article Journal of Psychology and Theology

Books Received

Academic journal article Journal of Psychology and Theology

Books Received

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The following books have been received from publishers and are under consideration for review in the Journal of Psychology and Theology. Listing of a volume does not necessarily imply that it will be reviewed. Readers with appropriate academic and professional background who are interested in joining the panel of book reviewers are encouraged to correspond with the editor, enclosing a copy of their current professional curriculum vitae.


Collins, G. B., & Culbertson, T. L. (2003). Mental illness and psychiatric treatment. New York, NY: The Haworth Pastoral Press. Paper. 131 pp. $17.95. ISBN 0-7890-1880-2.

Cozzens, D. (2003). Sex, priestly ministry, and the church. Collegeville, MN. The Liturgical Press. Paper. 186 pp. $16.95. ISBN 0-8146-2967-9.

Heller, M. (2003). Creative tension: Essays on science and religion. Radnor, PA: Templeton Foundation Press. Paper. xii+183. $22.95. ISBN 0-932031-34-0.

Mustakova-Possardt, E. (2003). Critical consciousness: A study of morality in global, historical context. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers. Hardcover. 218 pp. $63.95. ISBN 0-275-97911-3.

Savage, A. M., & Nicholl, S. W. (2003). Faith, hope and charity as character traits in Adler's individual psychology. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littefield Publishing Group, Inc. Paper. 182 pp. $32.00. ISBN 0-7618-26394.


Austin, J. H. (2003). Chase, chance, and creativity: The lucky art of novelty. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Paper. 245 pp. $18.95. ISBN 0-262-51135-5.

Coates, S. W., Rosenthal, J. L., & Shechter, D. S. (2003). September 11: Trauma and human bonds. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, Inc. Hardcover. 312 pp. $47.50. ISBN 0-88163-381-X.

Cohen, E. (2003). Playing hard at life: A relational approach to treating multiply traumatized adolescents. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, Inc. Hardcover. 248 pp. $45.00.0-88163-337-2.

Davis, R. H. (2003). Jung, Freud, and Hillman: Three depth psychologies in context. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group. Hardcover. 255 pp. $65.95. ISBN 0-275-97451-0.

Dixon, T. (2003). From passions to emotions: The creation of a secular psychological category. …

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