Psychopharmacology for Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses Philadelphia, PA, October 16-19, 2003: Wrap-Up

Article excerpt

For the second year in a row, delegates hailed the Psychopharmacology for Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses Conference in Philadelphia. Immersed in the neurobiology, psychopharmacology, and clinical management of several psychiatric disorders, audience members challenged themselves to absorb the extensive material presented.

There were two preconferences. At the first, an all-day neurobiology and psychopharmacology review by Norman Keltner, EdD, RN, one delegate commented that Dr. Keltner "really helped me understand the rest of the conference's content." The second preconference focused on HIPAA compliance and reimbursement strategies. Sally Frese, MSN, RN, CS, presented the HIPPA section, and one delegate commented, "This was excellent ... I finally got it." Judy Hirsh, RN, NP, CS, spoke on reimbursement and private practice issue. "The session was excellent."

Susan McCabe, EdD, APRN, BC, opened the conference with a powerful keynote address, challenging audience members to remember the mystery inherent in health, clinical care, and human relationships and to validate the personal experience of the patient while applying the science of caring. One evaluation read, "Bring back Susan McCabe."

Two tracks of concurrent sessions provided delegates an opportunity to focus on the clinical practice areas most important to their needs. Kathleen Hegadoren, PhD, RN, presented her research on post-traumatic stress disorder ("Excellent neurobiologic focus"), complementing the in-depth clinical analysis of anxiety disorders by Roseann Kaplan, MSN, RN, APNC ("What a fabulous speaker and great presentation"). In the parallel session, Mary Moiler, MSN, ARNP, CS, CPRP, and Diane Snow, PILE), RN, CS, led an in-depth and engaging presentation on managing patients with bipolar disorder. ("The information was great." "Excellent.")

At the round-table luncheon discussions, participants discussed various topics related to psychiatric nursing. Drawing nurses from more than 35 states, best practices and local debates were brought to the national level for review and sharing.

After lunch, delegates "really enjoyed the ADHD session," as Patricia Varley, ARNP, MN, CS, and Geri Pearson, PhD, RN, CS, zeroed in on diagnosis and treatment issues across the lifecycle. At the same time, Susan McCabe presented various aspects of addictions, receiving rave reviews ("Outstanding, and I never say that!") for her insight and evidence-based treatment recommendations.

The second official conference day began with an overview from Peggy Chapman, RN, CS, of genomics and how it relates to psychiatric diagnoses and clinical disorder management. ("Thanks for excellent introduction to a field I'm unfamiliar with--huge implications.") Then the duo of Susan McCabe and Kathleen Walker, PhD, RN, CS, presented on the clinical management of depression, for the most raved about presentation two years in a row ("These women are dynamic! …