Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Official Releases: SOP 03-3

Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Official Releases: SOP 03-3

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Space considerations prevent publishing here the appendices to SOP 03-3. Since the appendices often are important to understanding SOPs, readers are advised to obtain complete copies. To obtain a copy of SOP 03-3 (product no. 014938), contact the AICPA order department at 888-777-7077.

SOP 03-3--Accounting for Certain Loans or Debt Securities Acquired in a Transfer

(Issued by the Accounting Standards Executive Committee)


Statements of Position on accounting issues present the conclusions of at least two-thirds of the Accounting Standards Executive Committee, which is the senior technical body of the Institute authorized to speak for the Institute in the areas of financial accounting and reporting. Statement on Auditing Standards No. 69. The Meaning of Present Fairly in Conformity With Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, as amended, identifies AICPA Statements of Position that have been cleared by the Financial Accounting Standards Board as sources of established accounting principles in category b of the hierarchy of generally accepted accounting principles that it establishes. AICPA members should consider the accounting principles in this Statement of Position if a different accounting treatment of a transaction or event is not specified by a pronouncement covered by Rule 203 of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. In such circumstances, the accounting treatment specified by the Statement of Position should be used, or the member should be prepared to justify a conclusion that another treatment better presents the substance of the transaction in the circumstances.




Introduction and Background



Recognition, Measurement, and Display

Changes in Cash Flows Expected to Be Collected


Restructured or Refinanced Loan

Variable Rate Loans

Multiple Loans Accounted for as a Single Asset


Amendments to Existing Literature

Effective Date and Transition

APPENDIX A: Implementation Guidance

APPENDIX B: Basis for Conclusions

APPENDIX C: Amended Paragraphs of Practice Bulletin 6 to Show Changes Made by This Statement of Position



This Statement of Position (SOP) addresses accounting for differences between contractual cash flows and cash flows expected to be collected from an investor's initial investment in loans or debt securities (loans) acquired in a transfer if those differences are attributable, at least in part. to credit quality. It includes such loans acquired in purchase business combinations and applies to all nongovernmental entities, including not-for-profit organizations. This SOP does not apply to loans originated by the entity. This SOP limits the yield that may be secreted (accretable yield) to the excess of the investor's estimate of undiscounted expected principal, interest, and other cash flows (cash flows expected at acquisition to be collected) over the investor's initial investment in the loan. This SOP requires that the excess of contractual cash flows over cash flows expected to be collected (nonaccretable difference) not be recognized as an adjustment of yield, loss accrual, or valuation allowance. This SOP prohibits investors from displaying accretable yield and nonaccretable difference in the balance sheet. Subsequent increases in cash flows expected to be collected generally should be recognized prospectively through adjustment of the loan's yield over its remaining life. Decreases in cash flows expected to be collected should be recognized as impairment.

This SOP prohibits "carrying over" or creation of valuation allowances in the initial accounting of all loans acquired in a transfer that are within the scope of this SOP. The prohibition of the valuation allowance carryover applies to the purchase of an individual loan, a pool of loans, a group of loans, and loans acquired in a purchase business combination. …

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