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Academic journal article Afterimage

Books Received

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101 Salvations: For The Love of Dogs, by Rachael Hale. Bullfinch Press/101 pp./$24.95 (hb).

Aby Warburg and the Image in Motion, by Phillipe-Alain Michaud. Zone Books/395 pp./$33 (hb).

Advanced Screenwriting: Raising Your Script to the Academp Award Level, by Dr. Linda Seger, Silman-James Press/236pp./$14.95 (sb).

Alexander Rodchenko: Spatial Constructions: Herausgegeben Von/Galerie Gmurzynska, ed. Erschienen Im/Hatje Cantz, Publishers (Germany)/Distributed Art Publishers/207pp.

Alfred H. Barr, Jr. and the Intellectual Origins of the American Night, by Paul Graham. Steidl Mack/136 pp./$65 (hb).

American Route 66: Home on the Road, by Jane Bernard and Polly Brown. Museum of New Mexico Press/172 pp./$45 (hb).

Art from Middle Kingdom to Biological Millenium, by Wenda Gu. The MIT Press/230 pp./$25 (hb).

Between Nature and Culture: Photographs of the Getty Center, by Joe Deal. Getty Trust Publications/132 pp./$37.50 (hb).

Bismarck in America, by Dirk Reinartz. Steidl Verlag/103 pp./$24.95 (hb).

Black Panthers 1968, by Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones. Greybull Press/142pp./$50 (hb).

Brothels of Nevada, by Timothy Hursley. Princeton Architectural Press/192 pp./$24.95 (sb).

Cinema and the Sandinistas:Filmmaking in Revolutionary Nicaragua, by Jonathan Buchs- baum. University of Texas Press/328pp./$29.95 (sb), $70.00 (hb).

Classical Film Violence: Designing and Regulating Brutality in Hollywood Cinema, 1930-1968, by Stephen Prince. Rutgers/320 pp./$23 (sb).

Cool Men and the Second Sex, by Susan Fraiman. Columbia University Press/212pp./$24.50 (sb), $62.50 (hb).

Collections Sans Frontieres, GAM, ed. Galleria Civica d'Arte moderna e Contemporanea, Torino, Publishers (Italy)/126pp.

The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art, by Martha Buskirk. MIT Press/317pp./$39.95 (hb).

Dark Fiber: Tracking Critical Internet Culture, by Geert Lovink. The MIT Press/394 pp./$17.95 (sb).

Delta: The Perils, Profits and Politics of Water in South and Southeast Asia, by Daniel Schwartz. Scalo/192 pp./$49.95 (hb).

Democracy and New Media, Henry Jenkins and David Thorburn, ed. MIT Press/397 pp./$39.95 (hb).

Doug Aitkin A-Z Book (Fractals), by Doug Aitkin. Fabric Workshop and Museum/128 pp./$39.95 (hb).

Edward S. Curtis and the North american Indian Project in the Field, Mick Gidley, ed. University of Nebraska Press/200pp./$49.95 (hb).

Elephant House: Or, The Home of Edward Gorey, by Kevin McDermott. Pomegranate Books/128 pp./$35 (hb).

Emmet Gowin: Changing the Earth, by Jock Reynolds. Yale University Press/168 pp./$45 (hb).

The End of Polio: A Global Effort to End a Disease, by Sebastiao Salgado. Bullfinch Press/160 pp./$40 (hb) or $24.95 (sb).

Essays on the Representational and Derivational Nature of Grammar, by Joseph Aoun and Audrey Yen-Hui Li. The MIT Press/289 pp./$28 (hb).

Extracts From A File, by Willie Doherty. Steidl Verlag/86 pp./$30 (hb).

Facing History: Portraits from Vancouver, edited by Karen Love. PHG/Arsenal Pulp Press/160 pp./$29.95 (hb).

Focus on Living: Portraits of americans with HIV and AIDS, by Roslyn Banish. University of Massa-chusetts Press/288pp./$24.95(sb), $50.00 (hb)

Fotosport-2002: XVII Biennal Internacional de Fotographia de L'esport, Club Natacio Reus Ploms, ed. Club Natacio Reus Ploms Publishers/172pp.

Fotosynteza 1975-1988, by Krzystof Pruszkowski. Parkett/Der Alltag/96 pp./$25 (sb).

Fragments, by Roy Arden. PHG Press/48 pp./$20 (hb).

From Kashmir to Kabul: The Photographs of Baker and Burke, 1861-1900, by Omar Khan. Prestel/208 pp./$65 (hb).

The Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint, by Chris Jones. The Continuum Publishing Group/608pp.

Icons of Art: Women Artists, by Elke Linda Buchholz. Prestel/128 pp. …

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