ITEA Board of Directors Meets in November

Article excerpt

The International Technology Education Association (ITEA) Board of Directors recently met to discuss strategic issues and directions for the association and profession. The Board meeting was structured around three strategic issues and numerous other business items that allowed the members to discuss and make decisions pertaining to the work of the association. The strategic issues were legislative directions marketing the profession, and creating national legislation. The Board is currently working on materials that will follow up on the discussions. There are currently nine (9) strategic directions that have been outlined by the Board as important for state legislative efforts. These issues will be honed and presented as a part of a legislative thrust that will be featured at the upcoming March 2004 Albuquerque Conference.

ITEA will feature a legislative workshop designed to help develop effective statewide governmental relations programs that will be led by Dick Pulley, a professional in this area who has had years of success in the educational legislative arena. (The workshop will be offered at no cost to registered conference attendees although they will need to register for the workshop separately from their conference registration.)

The ITEA Board also explored association marketing ideas for potential future directions. Efforts will be made to conduct another Gallup Poll on what Americans think about technology. The Board talked about an articulated marketing plan and spent time considering all of its potential ramifications. …


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