Research-Technology Management Ranked No. 3 in Citation Study

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A recent citation-based study by N. Thongpapanl and myself has found Research-Technology Management (RTM) to be the third-ranked Technology Innovation Management specialty journal (see Linton, J. D. and N. Thongpapanl. "Perspective: Ranking the Technology Innovation Management Journals." Journal of Product Innovation Management, Match 2004, pp. 121-139).

This impressive ranking highlights the important role that RTM plays not only for practitioners, but also for academics who study technology and R&D management. The intent of this brief article is to offer some insights into how RTM is used and the role it plays in research on R&D.

We ranked the journals on the basis of citation frequency. Briefly, we considered each issue of the ten base journals listed in Table 1 for the five years, 1997 through 2001. For each base journal, the number of articles and citations, in each issue, were recorded and a record made of which journals were cited in each article of the base journal. We summarized this information according to the number of times a journal was cited by a base journal in each of the five years. The total number of citations and number of articles for the base journal were also recorded. By combining this information from each of the base journals it was possible to tank the cited journals based on citation frequency.

RTM placed third overall when compared to either specialty journals or all journals. If different measures of impact are used, RTM ranks between second and seventh place for all journals and either second or third in relation to Technology Innovation Management (TIM) specialty journals (see Table 2).

The Most Practice-Oriented

We found Research-Technology Management to be the most practice-oriented of the top-ranked TIM base journals. It draws from other TIM journals and practitioner-oriented sources.

Many TIM journals cite RTM more frequently than RTM cites those journals. It appears that RTM is the source of choice for academics wishing to gain insights from practitioners and to ground academic theory in practice. Consequently, RTM is among the most highly ranked reference sources for many Technology Innovation Management journals, including: R&D Management (2nd), International Journal of Technology Management (5th), Journal of Product Innovation Management (11th), IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (14th), Technovation (14th), and Journal of Engineering and Technology Management (15th).

We also found the most frequently referenced RTM articles (those with the greatest impact) to be:

1. "What We've Learned--Managing Invention and Innovation," E. B. Roberts, Jan.-Feb. 1988, pp. 11-29.

2. "Managing R&D as a Strategic Option," G. R. Mitchell and W. F. Hamilton, May-June 1988, pp. 15-22.

3. "Winning Businesses in Product Development: The Critical Success Factors," R. G. Cooper and E.J. Kleinschmidt, July-Aug. 1996, pp. 18-29.

4. "What We've Learned--Managing Human-Resources," M. K. Badawy, Sept.-Oct. 1988, pp. 19-35.

5. "Roadmapping Integrates Business and Technology," P. Groenveld, Sept.-Oct. 1997, pp. 48-55.

6. "Improving the Performance of " New Product Teams," D. G. Ancona and D. Caldwell, Mar.-April 1990, pp. 25-29.

Research-Technology Management draws infrequently on a large number of sources, the main ones being RTM itself, Journal of Product Innovation Management and Harvard Business Review.

In summary, RTM is the Technology Innovation Management specialty journal that acts as a bridge between practice and theory. Due to this critical role, it is highly respected and referred to by both practitioners and academics.

Table 1.--Base Journals and Their First Year of Publication

Journal                                             Founded

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management          1954
Research-Technology Management                       1958
Technological Forecasting and Social Change          1969
R&D Management                                       1970
Research Policy                                      1971
Technovation                                         1981
Journal of Engineering and Technology Management     1984
Journal of Product Innovation Management             1984
International Journal of Technology Management       1986
Technology Analysis and Strategic Management         1989

Table 2. … 


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