Academic journal article International Review of Mission

Bible Study: Women's Ways of Doing Mission in the Story of Mary and Martha: Luke 10:38-42, John 11:17-27

Academic journal article International Review of Mission

Bible Study: Women's Ways of Doing Mission in the Story of Mary and Martha: Luke 10:38-42, John 11:17-27

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Quiet meditation (3 minutes).... no sound, no music.... all together. Scripture reading.... Luke 10:38-42, John 11:17-27.... two readers. Prayer of Mary and Martha for practising women church.... all together

   God, who invites us to be your co-workers,
   We are living with our own talents given differently.
   Therefore we need each other.

   I love to serve.
   When I entertain guests, my heart is filled with joy.
   To share our food with the hungry,
   Isn't that the most important thing?
   When I serve the tired travellers with fresh water to wash their
   I feel my mind also cleansed.
   Whenever Jesus comes to my house, he needs my help.
   I am sure that my service is the first step to creating new

   I love meditation because it is important to have the insights
   for observing these days.
   It is impossible to have insights without deep meditation.
   People, maybe, say I am a lazy woman.
   However, I am always trying to be alert to take responsibility
   at this time.
   Therefore I have to listen to Jesus.
   I want to know his situation and decision in order to seek what
   I can do for him.

   (Martha and Mary)
   Yes, we both are important.
   You cannot select just one.
   We have to live together.
   We need to help and supplement each other.
   We all are the responsible ones for women church.
   God, who comes to women church,
   The Bible writers picture us as struggling against each other.
   However, we take our own roles in order to cooperate.
   Jesus loves us both and stays with us.
   He knows that we love and help each other.
   We are beautiful partners with Jesus.
   God, Bless the women church.
   Use it for your mission.
   Amen. (2)

Singing.... Sarah's circle.... all together

   We are dancing Sarah's circle (x3), sisters, brothers, all.
   We are singing Hagar's circle (x3), sisters, brothers, all.
   We are working Martha's circle (x3), sisters, brothers, all.
   We are learning Mary's circle (x3), sisters, brothers, all.
   We are dancing women's circle (x3), sisters, brothers, all. (3)



I have been experiencing women's ways of doing mission in three categories:

As a feminist theologian, I have been theologizing women's life experiences to create a Korean feminist theology. And I am trying to understand the Bible from the perspective of Korean minjung women, who have been oppressed under a patriarchal structure, a military dictatorship, the ideological division of the Korean peninsula, an anticommunist policy and a hierarchical church structure.

Secondly, as a feminist minister, I work as a pastor of Women Church in Korea in order to practice my feminist understanding of church in the context of Women Church. This is an attempt to create new models of church and liturgies for transforming the hierarchical and clergy-centred Korean church into a participatory and member-centred one. The dramatizing of the message and the whole order of worship is the most important method I use, along with changing exclusive language into an inclusive one.

As mission activist, or women's movement activist, I work with all kinds of oppressed people. I was born in Japan of Korean parents, and therefore was a member of a people discriminated against by Japanese society. Then I went to Korea to study the Korean language and married a Korean man who held high office within the Korean military government, and later, after the Kkwangju uprising, also in the ruling Congress Party.

The contrast between my family background and my husband's position made me struggle hard about where I should stand, but I easily went back to my own position with the oppressed even though I had to continue to live with my husband and care for our four children. While my husband stayed in his high position, I tried to come down from his level of ruling people to be with those who were oppressed, such as my people in Japan, I was more comfortable with them. …

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