Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Vote Right, or Don't Moan Later

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Vote Right, or Don't Moan Later

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Bad public officials, it's been said, are elected by good citizens who don't vote. It could just as easily be said that politicians who don't understand banking are reelected by bankers who fail to look closely at their voting records.

As the 1992 elections draw near, bankers should be taking a close look at each member's record on banking issues.

Incomplete record. That isn't always possible, of course. Unless a banking issue makes it to the House or Senate floor--and many don't--most senators and representatives will not have established a clear record.

Sometimes the record isn't entirely clear even when a vote does occur. The Senate, for example, passed its version of the 1991 banking bill by voice vote--with just 12 senators present. (With voice votes, there's no official record as to who voted, or how.)

Prime opportunity. Despite numerous voice votes on the floor and in committee, 1991 still offers an especially good opportunity to assess the voting records of members of Congress. While banking bills have been rare occurrences in other years, this past year's banking bill will give bankers some insight into where their senators and representatives stand.

This information should help bankers as they look for candidates to support in 1992. …

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