The 47th NCSS House of Delegates: Resolutions Passed: These Resolutions, Presented by Delegates from NCSS Affiliates, Were Passed at the Annual House of Delegates Assembly, November 14-16, 2003 in Chicago, Illinois

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Resolution 03-01: Social Studies in No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

Supported by California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and ATSS/UFT

Rationale: NCLB requires that secondary teachers be "highly qualified" in a "core academic area," which does not currently include social studies.

WHEREAS the NCSS definition of social studies is: Social Studies is the integrated study of the Social Sciences and the Humanities to promote civic competence,

WHEREAS NCLB requires that secondary teachers be "highly qualified" in a "core academic area,"

WHEREAS some states and districts are interpreting the NCLB to exclude social studies certification, experience, and/or acquired expertise, and

WHEREAS NCATE standards for accreditation of teacher education programs specifically include the NCSS content standards, BE IT RESOLVED that

1) N CSS publications should summarize NCLB requirements and communicate the implications of NCLB to NCSS members and state and national educational policy makers.

2) NCSS work to assure that NCLB is interpreted to include social studies as a "core academic area."

3) NCSS work to assure that the states' definition of highly qualified social studies teachers includes those who have been licensed and certified through NCATE/NCSS accredited programs.

Resolution 03-02: Publication of Governance Task Force Report

Supported by Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, and Oregon

Rationale: The Governance Task Force final report needs to be published so that NCSS members can read and discuss the report's recommendations.

WHEREAS the NCSS board of directors (BOD) voted in May 2003 to accept the final report of the Governance Task Force and use it as a basis for restructuring NCSS,

WHEREAS a transition team is being appointed to evaluate the recommendations of the Governance Task Force report,

WHEREAS the transition team will make recommendations to the BOD regarding a timeline for implementing selected suggestions in the Governance Task Force report, and

WHEREAS NCSS members should be able to communicate openly with the transition team and the BOD regarding implementing of the Governance Task Force report,

BE IT RESOLVED that The entire report of the Governance Task Force be published electronically and NCSS will indicate the electronic address of said documents in its publications along with the BOD motion accepting the report and the names of the transition team members.

Resolution 03-04: Reinforce state-level monitoring of NCLB and promoting an exchange of information between state councils and NCSS

Supported by California, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, and ATSS/UFT

Rationale: The ramifications of NCLB have the potential to negatively impact social studies education at the state and national level.

WHEREAS NCLB has an impact on assessment, certification, preferential treatment, and prioritization of curriculum,

WHEREAS state councils need to network for legislative lobbying for grassroots as well as professional support,

WHEREAS social studies education is a critical component in maintaining and supporting a democratic society of civic participation and responsibility, and

WHEREAS the federal government requires each state education agency to formulate policy to meet the demands of NCLB,

BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS and state councils take a sustained, proactive role in monitoring and disseminating information regarding NCLB,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that each state council provide NCSS with annual updates regarding legislation, policy implementation, and advocacy regarding NCLB in their states for analysis and dissemination by NCSS, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NCSS provide a forum at the national convention for the discussion of these issues and an annual report from NCSS regarding the federal impact and status of NCLB for social studies. …