Mobile Indigenous Peoples at the IUCN 5th World Parks Congress Announce the Creation of a World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples

Article excerpt

Durban, South Africa 16 September 2003

Mobile Indigenous Peoples at the 5th World Parks Congress (WPC) in Durban have established the World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples. Their vision is to establish solidarity among mobile indigenous peoples worldwide; enhance complementarity with other societies; promote just policies leading to freedom of movement, and respect for the rights of, mobile indigenous peoples, and achieve sustainable livelihoods in balance with nature.

The WPC created a unique opportunity for nomads, pastoralists, shifting agriculturalists and hunter-gatherers to come together to share strategies for managing natural resources and conserving biodiversity, and to articulate the common problems we face as mobile indigenous peoples. Our recommendations on Mobile Indigenous Peoples and Conservation (5.27) for the Durban Accord and Plan of Action were adopted by the Congress by consensus. We also fully share and endorse the recommendations adopted at this Congress on Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas (5.24).

The mobile indigenous peoples present at the 5th World Parks Congress likewise urge governments to adopt before the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples currently under discussion at the United Nations Working Group of the Commission on Human Rights (Geneva, 15-26 September 2003), and send a message of support to our indigenous brothers and sisters present at the Working Group.

Our mobility is a way of life that holds both a management strategy for sustainable land use and conservation, and is a distinct source of our cultural identity, our connection with our past and our livelihoods. …


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