Academic journal article Australian Literary Studies

Annual Bibliography of Studies in Australian Literature: 2003

Academic journal article Australian Literary Studies

Annual Bibliography of Studies in Australian Literature: 2003

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This is the forty-first annual bibliography to be published in Australian Literary Studies. Primarily devoted to substantial commentaries useful to criticism and scholarship, the series aims to provide as complete a listing as possible of books and articles on Australian literature. It also fists selectively material in the Australian studies area, and the more important reviews and introductions, studies of Australian language, and new books (with reviews of them) by contemporary writers whose work has attracted substantial discussion.

The newspaper sources for the selection of reviews are restricted to the weekend issues of the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age and the Australian. Feature articles on authors and interviews from newspaper sources are not listed. Coverage of overseas reviews is restricted by accessibility. Some items omitted from previous annual bibliographies are included with the year given. For material outside the scope of the ALS 'Annual Bibliography', researchers are advised to consult the new database AustLit: Australian Literature Gateway (). Electronic journals are not indexed because of the volatility of these publications and the ease of access to them through internet search engines; however, a list of electronic journals which have come to our notice is provided in the General section.

Some authors are included for the first time in the Individual Authors section. Retrospective material on these authors will be added in the next updated edition of the ALS Guide to Australian Writers.

The bibliography draws on material from a variety of sources, including the University of Queensland's collections, the Australian National Bibliography, the MLA bibliography, AustLit: Australian Literature Gateway, and the annual bibliography in Antipodes for criticism published in North America. The compilers would like to thank the staff of the Fryer Library, University of Queensland, for their assistance. Our special thanks to Marianne Ehrhardt for careful proofreading and expert advice.

The following abbreviations are used:

ABR       Australian Book Review
ADS       Australasian Drama Studies
ALS       Australian Literary Studies
BSANZ     Bibliographical Society of
            Australia and New Zealand
JAS       Journal of Australian Studies
JASAL     Journal of the Association for
            the Study of Australian Literature
JCL       Journal of Commonwealth
MUP       Melbourne University Press
OUP       Oxford University Press
PMLA      Publications of the Modern
            Language Association
SMH       Sydney Morning Herald
TLS       Times Literary Supplement
UQP       University of Queensland Press
WLWE      World Literature Written in


Adams, Paul and Christopher Lee, eds. Frank Hardy and the Literature of Commitment. Melbourne, Vulgar Press. For contents see Hardy in Individual Authors section.

Anderson, Hugh. 'That Bloody Dog at Gundagai: A Sketch of the Making of Tradition in Australia.' Australian Folklore 16 (2001): 164-80.

--. 'That Face on the Bar-Room Floor, or, Where Have All the Reciters Gone?' Australian Folklore 16 (2001): 187-200. On anthologies and other sources used by reciters of folk poetry.

Anderson, Jill, ed. Australian Divagations: Mallarme and the Twentieth Century. New York: Peter Lang, 2002. Includes the following essays: Rosemary Lloyd, 'Mallarme Reading Brennan, Brennan Reading Mallarme' 16-30; Chris Wallace-Crabbe, 'Strangled Rhetoric and Damaged Glamor: Mallarme and John Forbes' 31-39; David Brooks, 'A.D. Hope and the Symbolistes' 40-54; John Hawke, 'The Politics of Symbolism: The Correspondence of Randolph Hughes and Jack Lindsay' 55-77. Reviewed by R. Chambers, Antipodes 17.1: 68-69.

Andreoni, Helen. 'Olive or White: The Colour of Italians in Australia. …

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