Eladio Cortes and Mirta Barrea-Marlys, Eds. Encyclopedia of Latin American Theater

Article excerpt

Eladio Cortes and Mirta Barrea-Marlys, eds. Encyclopedia of Latin American Theater. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, 2004. Pp. xxxi + 514. $125.00.

Following an "Overview of Latin American Theater" by the editors, this volume is arranged by country, containing information about early theater, development of national theater, and theater in the twentieth century. Each country begins with an overview of periodic developments in theater, in conjunction with social and politics movements, and a complete bibliography. Each country contains entries in alphabetical order by either playwright or performing group; each entry contains biographical information, a comprehensive list of works, and a bibliography. Argentina (1-46) introduces Gaucho Theater, the National Sainete, the Twentieth Century, followed by 69 entries. Bolivia (47-53) provides a chronology of theater movements; 6 entries. The 25 entries for Brazil (54-79) follow an introduction of theater movements. Chicano (80-91) after a chronology of theater movements contains 20 entries. Chili (92-135) provides a chronology of theater movements; 78 entries. Colombia (136-65) introduces new Columbian theater, theater schools, independent theater groups, theater workshops, specialized publications, theater criticism, and festivals, followed by 40 entries. Costa Rica (166-87) surveys theater movements and contains 55 entries. Cuba (188-200) provides a survey of theater movements and contains 16 entries. Dominican Republic (201-15) surveys theater movements and contains 29 entries. El Ecuador (216-48) introduces regional theater, followed by 41 entries. El Salvador (249-62) surveys theater movements, followed by 21 entries. …


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