Academic journal article Studies in Romanticism

Books Received

Academic journal article Studies in Romanticism

Books Received

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Allen, Emily. Theater Figures. The Production of the Nineteenth-Century British Novel. Columbus: Ohio State UP, 2003. $69.95 cloth/$22.95 paper.

Bainbridge, Simon. British Poetry and the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: Visions of Conflict. New York: Oxford UP, 2003.

Barchas, Janine. Graphic Design, Print Culture, and the Eighteenth-Century Novel. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. $60.00.

Barth, J. Robert S. J. Romanticism and Transcendence: Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the Religious Imagination. Columbia: U of Missouri P, 2003. $29.95.

Beiser, Frederick C. The Romantic Imperative: The Concept of Early German Romanticism. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2004. $45.00.

Bentley, G. E., Jr. Blake Records, Second Edition. New Haven: Yale UP, 2004. $85.00.

Bigelow, Gordon. Fiction, Famine and the Rise of Economics in Victorian Britain and Ireland. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. $65.00.

Bradley, Arthur and Allan Rawes, eds. Romantic Biography. Brookfield: Ashgate, 2003. $69.95.

Breen, Jennifer and Mary Noble. Romantic Literature. New York: Oxford UP, 2002.

Brinks, Ellen. Gothic Masculinity: Effeminacy and the Supernatural in English and German Romanticism. Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, 2003. $44.50.

Brown, Nicola, Carolyn Burdett, and Pamela Thorschwell, eds. The Victorian Supernatural. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. $65.00.

Carruthers, Gerard and Alan Rawes, eds. English Romanticism and the Celtic World. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. $60.00.

Cheeke, Stephen. Byron and Place: History, Translation, Nostalgia. New York: Palgrave, 2003. $69.95.

Cox, Jeffrey N. and Michael Gamer, eds. The Broadview Anthology of Romantic Drama. Peterborough: Broadview P, 2003. $36.95.

Cronin, Richard. Romantic Victorians: English Literature, 1824-1840. New York: Palgrave, 2002. $65.00.

Engelmann, Stephen G. ed. Stanley Cavell: Contemporary Philosophy in Focus. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. $60.00 cloth/$20.00 paper.

Engelmann, Stephen G. Imagining Interest in Political Thought: Origins of Economic Rationality. Durham: Duke UP, 2003. $74-95 cloth/ $21.95 paper.

Favlak, Joel, and Julia M. Wright, eds. Nervous Reflections: Victorian Recollections of Romanticism. Albany: SUNY, 2004. $50.00.

Ferris, Ina. The Romantic National Tale and the Question of Ireland. New York: Cambridge UP, 2002. $55.00.

Fosso, Kurt. Buried Communities: Wordsworth and the Bonds of Mourning. Albany: SUNY, 2003. $55.00.

Forbes, Deborah. Sincerity's Shadow: Self-Consciousness in British Romantic and Mid-Twentieth-Century American Poetry. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2004. $49.95.

Frank, Hilary. The Philosophical Foundations of Early German Romanticism. Translated by Elizabeth Millan-Zaibert. Albany: SUNY, 2003. $55.00.

Fraser, Hilary, Stephanie Green and Judith Johnston. Gender and the Victorian Periodical. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. $65.00.

Galperin, William H. The Historical Austen. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P, 2003.

Garrett, Mart. Mary Shelley: The British Library Writer's Lives. New York: Oxford UP, 2003. $24.00.

Garrett, Peter K. Gothic Reflections: Narrative Force in Nineteenth-Century Fiction. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 2003. $45-00 cloth/$19.95 paper.

Gibbons, Luke. Edmund Burke and Ireland: Aesthetics, Politics and the Colonial Sublime. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. $60.00.

Gill Stephen, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Wordsworth. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. $60.00 cloth/$22.00 paper.

Hamilton, Paul. Metaromanticism: Aesthetics, Literature, and Theory. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2003. $25.00.

Harris, Judith. Signifying Pain: Constructing and Healing the Self Through Writing. New York: SUNY, 2003. $81.50 cloth/$27.95 paper.

Heringman, Noah. Romantic Science: The Literary Forms of Natural History. New York: SUNY, 2003. …

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