Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2003-2004 *

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2003-2004 *

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University of Alberta (34) (27) (15)

DAVID R. HAMPTON, "Defining Science for the Law of Evidence: A Comprehensive Examination of the Philosophy and Law Pertaining to Scientific Testimony in Canadian Courts." Advisers: Alexander Rueger and Wayne Renke.

EDVARD LORKORVIC, "My-Self as My-Other, or How to Become a Self Worth Becoming." Adviser: Robert Burch.

TAL M. AVIRAN, "On Content and Truth-Conditions." Advisers: Bernard Linsky and Francis Jeffry Pelletier (awarded in 2003).

University of Arizona (35) (35) (20)

BRAD THOMPSON, "The Nature of Phenomenal Content." Adviser: David Chalmers.

Boston College (107) (84) (25)

ROBERT R. CLEWIS, "The Aesthetic and the Moral: the Kantian Sublime in the Observations, the Remarks (translated), and the Critique of Judgment." Advisers: Susan Meld Shell and Richard Kearney.

DEBBY D. HUTCHINS, "Fitch's Proof and the Prospects for Anti-Realism." Advisers: Jon Kvanvig and Ronald K. Tacelli, S.J.

MAEVE M. O'DONOVAN, "Situating Simone de Beauvoir: A Re-Reading of The Second Sex." Advisers: David Rasmussen and Debra Bergoffen.

JOHN HISKI RIDGE, "A Philosophical Analysis of the Fundamental Law of Marriage in American Jurisprudence." Advisers: Thomas C. Kohler and Arthur Madigan, S.J.

University of British Columbia (27) (27) (15)

ROB FITTERER, "Bernard Lonergan's Cognitive Theory and Aristotle's Phronesis: Some Implications for Objectivity and Development in Virtue Ethics." Adviser: Jim Dybikowski

Brown University (38) (31) (11)

University of Calgary (20) (18) (15)

DAVID RODGER MELLOW, "A Critique of Just War Theory." Advisers: Dennis McKerlie and Thomas Hurka.

University of California at Berkeley (48) (40) (13)

ELISABETH CAMP, "Saying and Seeing-As: The Linguistic, Cognitive, and Imaginative Uses and Effects of Metaphor." Adviser: Richard Wollheim.

EDWARD CUSHMAN, "Normativity and the Prospects of Naturalism." Adviser: Barry Stroud.

TIMOTHY CROCKETT, "Leibniz on Shape and the Reality of Body." Adviser: Janet Broughton.

JENNIFER JOHNSON, "Phenomenal Desire and its Role in Practical Reason." Adviser: Jay Wallace.

SUZANNE OBDRZALEK, "Philosopher's Eros-Reason and Passion in Plato's Middle Dialogues." Adviser: Alan Code.

DIANA FLEMING, "Virtue and Right Action." Adviser: Richard Wollheim (awarded in 2003).

JENNIFER HUDIN, "A General Theory of Representation." Adviser: John Searle (awarded in 2003).

NIKO KOLODNY, "Relationships as Reasons." Adviser: Samuel Scheffler (awarded in 2003)

PETER HANKS, "Unity of the Proposition." Adviser: John Searle (awarded in 2002).

BRENDAN O'SULLIVAN, "Causal Relevance and Mental Properties: The Exclusion Problem of Mental Causation." Adviser: John Searle (awarded in 2002).

University of California at Irvine (26) (26) (12)

JEREMY ANDERSON, "The Corrrectives of Discreet Masters: Political Stability and Education in the Hobbesian Commonwealth." Adviser: Alan Nelson.

IAN MUIR DUCKLES, "'Shipwrecked with the aid of repentance'--Sin, Ethics, and Normativity in Kant and Kierkegaard." Adviser: Martin Schwab.

JOHN D. WISE, "Sartre's Phenomenological Ontology and the German Idealist Tradition." Adviser: Ermanno Bencievenga.

University of California at Los Angeles (51) (43) (17)

FRANKLIN BRUNO, "The Role of Intentional Action in Artifactual Representation." Adviser: Tyler Burge.

University of California at Riverside (39) (38) (15)

THOMAS WILLIAM DONOVAN, "Lukacs, Habermas and the Model of Art." Adviser: Georgia Warnke.

GLEN ALLAN PETTIGROVE, "Seeking Forgiveness: Studies in Moral and Political Philosophy." Adviser: Georgia Warnke.

DAVID JOSHUA STRAUSS, "Understanding and Evaluating Expert Testimony in Toxic Tort Law: An Intersection of Philosophy, Science and Law. …

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