From the Theater-Review Editor

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With the Fall 2004 issue Shakespeare Bulletin enters its second year under new editorship. I am very grateful to the far-flung corps of contributing reviewers, old and new, which has kept the supply of reviews steady, and helped to build up a backlog through the Spring 2005 issue.

As will, I think, be apparent in this and the upcoming Winter and Spring issues, I am very interested to continue to expand the list of contributing reviewers and to broaden the range of types of shows covered. Fall 2004 contains a review of the Lincoln Center Henry IV starring Kevin Kline as well as reviews of a student production of Othello in California and Julius Caesar in a Kentucky prison. Winter 2004 will feature not only the usual suspects from Stratford and the Globe but also a Welsh company's production of Dr. Faustus, a production of Knight of the Burning Pestle by students at the Shakespeare Institute, and a review of recent Shakespeare in South Korea. In 2005 we will run reviews of Shakespeare in Montana, Oklahoma, and Alaska.

I believe that the purpose of Shakespeare performance criticism is not only to commit to theater-history the details of significant or interesting productions, but also to develop a discourse about what is significant--to theater practitioners and audiences--about the act of performing Shakespeare. The more different kinds of Shakespeare (and other renaissance drama) we review, the more rich and complex the discourse will become. Thus I would like to encourage current and prospective reviewers to be on the lookout for student, amateur, and other "minor" renaissance drama productions as well as the professional productions that lay claim to our attention for more obvious reasons. …


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