Academic journal article Philological Quarterly

Books Received

Academic journal article Philological Quarterly

Books Received

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Aristotle. Nichomachean Ethics. Rev. ed. Trans. J. A. K. Thomson. London: Penguin, 2004. Pp. lix + 329. 7.99 [pounds sterling], $11.00 paper. [First published 1955, first revision 1976.]

Cicero. De Natura Deorum, Liber I. Ed. Andrew R. Dyck. Cambridge U. Press, 2003. $70.00 cloth, $25.00 paper.

Cicero. Philippics I-II. Ed. John T. Ramsay. Cambridge U. Press, 2003. Pp. xxx + 349. $70.00 cloth, $26.00 paper.

Clay, Jenny Strauss. Hesiod's Cosmos. Cambridge U. Press, 2003. Pp. xii + 202. $65.00.

Dunbabin, Katherine M. The Roman Banquet: Images of Conviviality. Cambridge U. Press. Pp. xix + 291. $75.00.

Hadot, Pierre. What is Ancient Philosophy? Trans. Michael Chase. Harvard U. Press, 2004. Pp. xiv + 362. $15.95 paper.

Homer. The Homeric Hymns: A Translation, with Introduction and Notes. Trans. Diane Rayor. U. of California Press, 2004. Pp. xiv +165. Pp. $35.00, 22.95 [pounds sterling] cloth, $14.95, 9.95 [pounds sterling] paper.

Miller, Paul Allen. Subjecting Verses: Latin Love Elegy and the Emergence of the Real. Princeton U. Press, 2004. Pp. xii + 318.

More, Thomas. Utopia. Trans. Paul Turner. Rev. ed. London: Penguin, 2003. Pp. xviii + 135. 4.99 [pounds sterling] paper. [First published 1965.]

Planinc, Zdravko. Plato Through Homer: Poetry and Philosophy in the Cosmological Dialogues. U. of Missouri Press, 2003. Pp. xiv + 134. $37.50.

Price, Simon and Emily Kearns, eds. The Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth and Religion. Oxford U. Press, 2004. Pp. x1 + 600. 25.00 [pounds sterling], $39.95.

Reed, C. M. Maritime Traders in the Ancient Greek World. Cambridge U. Press, 2004. Pp. xiv + 162. $60.00.

Sedley, David, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy. Cambridge U. Press, 2003. Pp. xvi + 396. $65.00 cloth, $24.00 paper.

Sedley, David. Plato's Cratylus. Cambridge U. Press, 2003. Pp. xii + 190. $60.00.


Marlowe, Christopher. The Complete Plays. London: Penguin, 2003. Pp.xliv + 702. $22.50 paper.


Stapleton, M.L. Admired and Understood: The Poetry of Aphra Behn. U. of Delaware Press, 2004. …

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