Academic journal article Australian Aboriginal Studies

Books Received for Review

Academic journal article Australian Aboriginal Studies

Books Received for Review

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Abramson, J.A. 2000 Art in Nonliterate Societies--Structural Approaches and Implications for Sociocultural and System Theories, New Issues Press, Western Michigan University, xxvii + 420 pp, ISBN 0932826334.

Anderson, W. 2002 The Cultivation of Whiteness: Science, Health and Racial Destiny in Australia, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, xi + 352 pp, ISBN 052284989-X.

Attwood, B. and F. Magowan (eds) 2001 Telling Stories: Indigenous History and Memory in Australia and New Zealand, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, xvii + 269 pp, ISBN 1865085545.

Blake, T. 2001 A Dumping Ground: A History of the Cherbourg Settlement 1900-1940, University of Queensland Press, Brisbane, xiii +320 pp, ISBN 070223222X.

Campbell, J. 2002 Invisible Invaders: Smallpox and Other Diseases in Aboriginal Australia, 1780-1880, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, xiv + 266 pp, ISBN 0522849393.

Dussart, F. 2000 The Politics of Ritual in an Aboriginal Settlement: Kinship, Gender, and the Currency of Knowledge, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington DC, xvi + 269 pp, ISBN 1560983930.

Folds, R. 2001 Crossed Purposes--The Pintupi and Australia's Indigenous Policy, UNSW Press, Sydney, vii + 190 pp, ISBN 0868406910.

Gray, G. (ed.) 2001 Before It's Too Late: Anthropological Reflections, 1950-1970, Oceania Monograph 51, University of Sydney, Sydney, x + 175 pp, ISBN 1864873957.

Head, L. 2001 Cultural Landscapes and Environmental Change, Key Issues in Environmental Change series, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, xxv + 179 pp, ISBN 0340731141. …

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