Academic journal article The Journal of Negro History

The Negro in Periodical Literature, 1985-1989

Academic journal article The Journal of Negro History

The Negro in Periodical Literature, 1985-1989

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Anesko, Michael. "So Discreet a Zeal: Slavery and the Anglican Church in Virginia, 1680-1730." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, XCIII (July, 1985), 247-278

A demonstration of the inter-relationship of the Anglican Church in Virginia and practices involving the Negro, 1680-1730.

Berthoff, Rowland, "Celtic Mist Over the South," The Journal of Southern History, LII (September, 1986), 523-546.

The author consistently questions the thesis that the Southern culture is a reflection of English Celtic roots. He reflects on the African survival in the United States, while analyzing the data relative to his theme. pp. 524, 545.

Blayney, Michael Stewart, "Roots and the Noble Savage," The Tennessee Historical Quarterly, XLV (Spring, 1986), 56-73.

An analysis of "Roots" in an attempt to determine the sources of its popularity.

Blight, David W., "Frederick Douglass and the American Apocalypse," Civil War History, XXXI (December, 1985), 309-328.

An examination of Douglass's place in the intellectual and theological traditions in the search for the meaning of the American Civil War.

Bourgeois, Christie L., "Stepping Over Lines: Lyndon Johnson, Black Texans, and the National Youth Administration, 1935-1937," Southwestern Historical Quarterly, XCI (October, 1987) 149-172.

Reference to J.J. Rhodes and Bishop College, 157, 158.

Brady, Marilyn Dell, "Kansas Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, 1900-1930," Kansas History A Journal of the Central Plains, IX (Spring, 1986), 19-30.

The story reflecting the organization, work and development of the Kansas Federation of Colored Women's Clubs from 1900.

Burnside, Jacqueline G., "Suspicion Versus Faith: Negro Criticism of Berea College in the Nineteenth Century," The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, LXXXIII (Summer, 1985), 237-266.

The article concentrates on the formative period, the mid-1890's, when Berea began experiencing a rapid rate of growth and the evolving conflict in an unusual experience in racial co-education in the South.

Butler, Anne M., "Still in Chains: Black Women in Western Prisons, 1865-1910," Western Historical Quarterly, XX (February, 1989), 19-35.

The article focuses, with only limited comparative pretenses, on the experiences of black women in Western prisons.

Carlton-LaNey, Iris, "Fisk Social Work Students' Emergency Relief Work Following the East Nashville Fire of 1916," Tennessee Historical Quarterly , XLIV (Winter, 1985), 371-379.

A study reflecting the varied actions of Fisk University Social Work students after the Nashville Fire of 1916.

Chambers, Clarke A., "Toward a Redefinition of Welfare History," The Journal of American History, LXIII (September, 1986), 407-433.

An analysis urging an expansion and redefinition of the field of welfare history and an attempt to point up the necessity for closer co-ordination with the new social history-blacks involved.

Chapman, Gregory Dean, "Army Life at Camp Thomas, Georgia, During the Spanish American War," The Georgia Historical Quarterly, LXX (Winter, 1986), 633-656.

Black military unit cited in a review of military experiences at Camp Thomas, Georgia during the Spanish American War and the following years. Blacks cited, 637, 638, 639.

Chiswick, Barry R., "Differences in Education and Earnings Across Racial and Ethnic Groups: Tastes, Discrimination, and Investments in Child Quality," Quarterly Journal of Economics, CIII (August, 1988), 571-595.

A demonstration that group differences in earnings, schooling and rates of return from schooling, are striking, higher levels of schooling-higher rates of return which coincides with child quality investment, rejecting determinants of schooling are discrimination, minority group status. Clement, Priscilla Ferguson, "Children and Charity: Orphanages in New Orleans, 1817-1914," Louisiana History, XXVII (Fall, 1986), 337-351. …

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