Academic journal article The Southern Literary Journal

Index: Volumes XIII-XVII (1980-1985)

Academic journal article The Southern Literary Journal

Index: Volumes XIII-XVII (1980-1985)

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The Southern Literary Journal


Volumes XIII-XVII (1980-1985)

A cumulative index for Volumes XVIII-XXlI will appear in the Spring issue of 1990.


                                                       Vol., No.   Page

Alchemical Captains: Andrew Lytle's Tales of the
  Conquistadons (John Yow)                                XIV, 2     39
Ambiguous Nihilism of Cormac McCarthy, The
  (Vereen M. Bell)                                         XV, 2     31
Another Dilemma of an Intellectual in the Old South:
  Caroline Gilman, the Peculiar Institution, and
  Greater Rights for Women in the Rose Magazines
  (Jan Bakker)                                           XVII, 1     12
Artists and Beauticians: Balance in Lee Smith's
  Fiction (Lucinda H. MacKethan)                           XV, 1      3
Audubon: Images of the Artist in Eudora Welty and
  Robert Penn Warren (Nancy Cluck)                       XVII, 2     41
Bayard Sartoris: Suicidal or Foolhardy
  (Arthur H. Blair)                                        XV, 1     55
"Be Sutpen's Hundred": Imaginative Projection of
  Landscape in Absalom Absalom! (Thadious M. Davis)      XIII, 2      3
Beech, the Hearth, and the Hidden Name in World
  Enough and Time, The (Randloph Runyon)                 XVII, 1     68
Chesnutt's Chinquapin County (Lena M. White)             XIII, 2     41
Country of Marriage, The: Wendell Berry's Personal
  Political Vision (Daniel Cornell)                       XVI, 1     59
"Certain Amount of Excellent English, A": The Secret
  Diaries of William Byrd (Ross Pudaloff)                  XV, 1    101
Confluence of Folklore, Feminism and Black
  Self-Determination in Zora Neale Hurston's Their
  Eyes Were Watchimg God, The (Claire Crabtree)          XVII, 2     54
"Delta Autumn": Stagnation and Sedimentation in
  Faulkner's Career (Michael Grimwood)                    XVI, 2     93
Disorder and the Sentimental Model: A Look at
  Pudd'nhead Wilson (Adrienne Bond)                      XIII, 2     59
Donald Davidson's "Long Street": An Agrarian's
  Conservative Testament (David A. Hallman)               XVI, 2     63
Fable, A: Faulkner's Political Novel?
  (Richard H. King)                                      XVII, 2      3
Fable of Love and Death, A: The Artistry of Cable's
  "Jean-ah Poquelin" (Alice Hall Perry)                    XV, 2     87
Faith and the Unanswerable Questions: The Fiction of
  Doris, Beets (David Marion Holman)                       XV, 1     15
Family as Fate: The Novels of Anne Tyler (Mary Ellis
  Gibson)                                                 XVI, 1     47
Fat Like Mama, Mean Like Daddy: The Fiction of
  Sylvia Wilkinson (Jane Gentry Vance)                     XV, 1     23
Faulkner in Brazil (George Monteiro)                      XVI, 1     96
Flannery O'Conner and the Social Classes
  (Barbara Wilkie Tedford)                               XIII, 2     27
Flannery O'Connor's Last Three: "The Sense of an
  Ending" (James J. Napier)                               XIV, 2     19
From Hebe to Hippolyta: Anne Rivers Siddons' Novels
  (Lamar York)                                           XVII, 2     91
Gone With The Wind and The Impossibilities of
  Fiction (Blanche H. Gelfant)                           XIII, 1      3
"Good News for the Devil": An Early Southern
  Admonitory Tale (Lewis Leary)                          XVII, 1     96
The Gorgon's Head and the Mirror: Fact versus
  Metaphor in Lanterns on the Levee (Carolyn
  Holdsworth)                                             XIV, 1     36
Gouvernail, Kate Chopin's Sensitive Bachelor
  (Joyce Dyer)                                            XIV, 1     46
The Grammar of the Abyss: A Reading of The Fathers
  (Bruce Pirie)                                           XVI, 2     81
"Great Poet and Original Genius, A": Hayne Champions
  Poe (Rayburn S. Moore)                                  XVI, 1    105
Gull against a Crimson Sky: Birds in the Later Poems
  of Robert Penn Warren (Sister Bernetta Quinn,
  O. … 
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