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Eloquent Librarian

Academic journal article Library Technology Reports

Eloquent Librarian

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Vendor:                Eloquent Systems, Inc.                        25-1501 Lonsdale Avenue                        North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7M 2J2                        (604) 980-8358, (800) 980-8358; (604) 980-9537 Fax Demo Available:        Yes Version:               Base System V3.2, MARC Import Module V3.2,                        Circulation V3.11a, Media Management V3.11.                        (Acquisitions 3.01/Serials 3.01 not reviewed) Number of Customers:   401 Base System, Modules   <6,000 titles, $1,200; <13,000 titles, $1,600; & Prices:              <20,000 titles, $1,900; 20,000+ titles, $2,900.                        Research only system, $950; French PAC, $250; MARC                        import, $950; Book vendor import, $350; MARC                        export, $650; Circulation, $1,150; Media                        Management, $1,900; Remote Booking, $950;                        Serials/Acquisitions, $1,900; 5-user LAN upgrade,                        $1,750; Hotline & software update support package,                        $250 per contact person, plus 10% of installed                        software (+$150 if contact person is not trained).                        A special "School Package" offer is also available. 


Micro:                   IBM compatible, contact Eloquent for additional                          information Operating System:        PC/MS-DOS 3.3, 4.1, or 5.0 Language:                Revelation G2B LANs Supported:          3COM Ethershare 2.4, 3COM 3+, AT&T Starlan,                          LANtastic, Novell Lite, Declan, Lanmanager OS/2,                          Banyan, HP Officeshare, IBM PC, Multi-DOS, Nestar,                          Novell, Novell Advanced, Tapestry, IBM Token Ring 




Eloquent Systems provided modules for database management/ online searching, circulation, MARC import, media management, remote booking, serials, and acquisitions. The system supports multiple languages (English/French). Searching is based on keyword access, with a wide range of interfaces, and a variety of qualifiers. The system supports the MARC format and offers a great amount of flexibility in the area of record formatting. The Eloquent Librarian can be a complex product, offering a wide range of setup options and profiling parameters. Those familiar with the DavexPlus system by Faxon Canada, Ltd., London, Ontario, will notice many similarities.


Eloquent Librarian provides powerful search software to access the library's bibliographic files, using a keyword approach exclusively. The system provides both "basic" and "expert" searching. In basic searching there are indexes for keyword, title, author and subject. Left, right, and centered truncation is available through use of the "[" and/or "]" symbols. For example, "wor]" will search for words starting with "wor," "[ord" will search for words ending with "ord," and "[or]" will search for words containing the string "or." The system also supports argument qualification, using "/" as the "or" search option, in addition to the default "and." A spell assist feature is also available. If the system encounters a term that is not indexed, it displays a list of index terms alphabetically closest to the term entered.

Basic searching has three options for entry of search arguments. These are only keyword, keyword/title/subject/author, or 3 keywords/title/3 subjects/author. Each choice generates a different entry template. Users can select an option by typing the letter corresponding to that option and pressing the key.

Search results are listed in a brief record display, which is configurable by the system operator. Users can use the PgDn and PgUp keys to scroll through more than one screen of information. They can also delete an item from the list by using the arrow keys to highlight it and then pressing Ctrl-O. …

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