Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

Southern History in Periodicals, 2004: A Selected Bibliography

Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

Southern History in Periodicals, 2004: A Selected Bibliography

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THIS CLASSIFIED BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDES MOST SCHOLARLY ARTICLES IN the field of southern history published in periodicals in 2004 except for descriptive or genealogical writings of primary interest to a restricted group of readers. If an article was published in a year other than 2004, the appropriate year is marked with a bracketed notation. Entries under each heading are arranged alphabetically by author; spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are retained from the original.


CASHIN, EDWARD J. Glimpses of Oglethorpe in Boswell's Life of Johnson. Ga. Hist. Quar., v. 88, Fall, 398-405.

DENNY, JAMES M. Running the Lower Missouri River Gauntlet: The First Trial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Mo. Hist. Rev., v. 98, July, 283-313. Elliott, Jack D., Jr. The Buried City: A Meditation on History and Place. Jour. Miss. Hist., v. 66, Summer, 107-50.

FOLEY, WILLIAM E. Friends and Partners: William Clark, Meriwether Lewis, and Mid-America's French Creoles. Mo. Hist. Rev., v. 98, July, 270-82.

FORD, JENNIFER, comp. Publications Relating to Mississippi. Jour. Miss. Hist., v. 66, Winter, 425-28.

FOUILLADE, CLAUDE, ed. and trans. An 1836 French Description of Louisiana. La. Hist., v. 45, Spring, 199-200.

GRUENWALD, KIM M. Space and Place on the Early American Frontier: The Ohio Valley as a Region, 1790-1850. Ohio Val. Hist., v. 4, Fall, 31-48.

HELENIAK, ROMAN. Welcome to the New South: A Latter Day Fool's Errand. La. Hist., v. 45, Fall, 389-406.

KINNEY, WILLIAM L. The Baron of Marlboro County [South Carolina]. Carologue, v. 19, Winter [2003], 14-18.

OSTER, DONALD B. A Statistical Look at Twentieth-Century Missouri. Mo. Hist. Rev., v. 99, Oct., 46-70.

SEALS, DAVID M. Henry Skillman: A Grizzly Texas Man. Jour. Big Bend Stud., v. 16, pp. 163-68.

TSICHLIS, MICHAEL G. Calamity and Glory: Phelim O'Toole, Mike Hester, and the Legacy of Heroism at the Southern Hotel Fire. Mo. Hist. Rev., v. 98, Apr., 223-48.

WILKINS, THOMAS HART. James Edward Oglethorpe: South Carolina Slaveholder? Ga. Hist. Quar., v. 88, Spring, 85-94.


Brown v. Board of Education at 50. Jour. Negro Ed., v. 73, Summer, 172-378. Civil Rights and Reactions [special issue, 7 arts.]. Jour. Am. Stud., v. 38, Aug., 179-347.

ALEXANDER, PETER. Race, Class Loyalty and the Structure of Capitalism: Coal Miners in Alabama and the Transvaal, 1918-1922. Jour. Sou. Af Stud., v. 30, Mar., 115-32.

ALEXANDER, PETER, and RICK HALPERN. Comparing Race and Labour in South Africa and the United States [intro. to symposium on Race and Class in South Africa and the United States]. Jour. Sou. Af. Stud., v. 30, Mar., 5-18.

ALLEN, AUSTIN. The Political Economy of Blackness: Citizenship, Corporations, and Race in Dred Scott. Civil War Hist., v. 50, Sept., 229-60.

ANAND, BERNADETTE, MICHELLE FINE, TIFFANY PERKINS, and DAVID SURREY. Building Partnerships to Hear Freedom's Heroes Within Our Community. Hist. Educ. Quar., v. 44, Spring, 113-19.

ANDERSON, JAMES D. The Jubilee Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: An Essay Review. Hist. Educ. Quar., v. 44, Spring, 149-57.

ANDERSON, KAREN. The Little Rock School Desegregation Crisis: Moderation and Social Conflict. Jour. Sou. Hist., v. 70, Aug., 603-36.

ANDERSON, R. BENTLEY. Prelates, Protest, and Public Opinion: Catholic Opposition to Desegregation, 1947-1955. Jour. Church and State, v. 46, Summer, 617-44.

ARP, WILLIAM, III. HIV/AIDS and Nondecision in Louisiana: A Case Study of Prevention Strategy in Three Black Commmunities. Jour. Black Studies, v. 34, Mar., 548-61.

BANKS, WILLA YOUNG. A Contradiction in Antebellum Baltimore: A Competitive School for Girls of "Color" within a Slave State. Md. Hist. Mag., v. 99, Summer, 132-63.

BARON-FRITTS, AMANDA. Alter(ing) Identities: On Becoming the Other. …

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