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Abstracts/precis De Lecture 2003

Academic journal article Resources for Feminist Research

Abstracts/precis De Lecture 2003

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Hadley, Karen. "'And We Still Ain't Satisfied': A Report on Gender and Income Inequality in Canada." Atlantis, vol. 28, no. 1 (Fall/Winter 2003), pp. 3-13.

The gender gap is much wider than is commonly believed. This analysis of Statistics Canada's 1998 Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics finds that women's median after-tax incomes were 61 percent of men's, while 50 percent of women in Canada had after-tax incomes ranging from zero to $13,786. The gender gap was greatest for women aged 46-64, placing many women in this cohort at risk of poverty in their senior years. (Journal abstract)

Chimbos, Peter D. "Women of the 1941-44 Greek Resistance Against the Axis: An Historical and Sociological Perspective." Atlantis, vol. 28, no. 1 (Fall/Winter 2003), pp. 28-35.

This paper provides an historical and sociological analysis of resistance activities by Greek women against the occupying forces of Axis powers from 1941-44. Motivated by social and political influence prior to the war, the egalitarian philosophies of the National Liberation Front and the dreadful socioeconomic conditions of the Axis occupation, Greek women effectively and proudly participated in resistance organizations. (Journal abstract)

Ahola-Sidaway, Janice and Margaret McKinnon. "Keeping a Happy Face: Managing Emotions in Teen Jobs." Atlantis, vol. 28, no. 1 (Fall/Winter 2003), pp. 36-47.

In Canada, many teen women hold jobs, particularly in the service sector, yet we know very little about their experiences as workers. This paper examines teen women's understandings of emotional labour as experienced within their frontline service jobs. We consider the broader significance of these findings in light of current literature on emotional labour and gender. (Journal abstract)


Women and Environments International. Special Issue: Together We Stand: Resisting and Rebuilding for Peace, no. 58/59 (Spring 2003).

This issue of Women and Environments International focuses on how women are involved in reinstating peace after armed conflict. Regional case studies are analyzed particularly for their astute examples of conflict resolution. Colombia, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Israel/Palestine, Somalia, East Timor, Afghanistan and Bosnia are the parts of the world, which are surveyed in this issue. (SM)


Dreuth, Laura. "A Priori vs. Experiential Models of Parenting in the Assessment of Mothering." Atlantis, vol. 28, no. l (Fall/Winter 2003), pp. 72-79.

This article examines parenting paradigms that influence decisions in child protective services and the assessment of mothering. These perspectives are defined as a priori and experiential. The discussion highlights how each paradigm impacts the assessment of mothering. Recommendations include using mothers' perspectives on mothering to provide insight for assessment purposes. (Journal abstract)

Bozanich, Nettie. "On a Search for Voice." Atlantis, vol. 28, no. 1 (Fall/Winter 2003), pp. 19-26.

The search for voice is a crucial part of feminist theory. Voice is based on both self-definition and interactions with communities. One challenge is to delineate between outside sources that hinder and foster growth in voice. Sharing personal experiences is crucial in understanding voice. A journey of voice is demonstrated through reading and writing. (Journal abstract)

Bruckert, Christine and Sylive Frigon. "'Making a Spectacle of Herself': On Women's Bodies in the Skin Trades." Atlantis, vol. 28, no. 1 (Fall/Winter 2003), pp. 48-62.

In this article, we undertake a reading of erotic dance/dancers through the body lens attending to questions of meanings and subjectivity. Women's bodies in strip clubs emerged as contested terrain so that while the axes of beauty, sexuality and labour were oppressive, they were also the sites of subversion and resistance. …

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