Ideas of Intelligent Human Beings: We Live in the Age of Technology, Why Are There Dayly Actions Violence?

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Ideas of Intelligent Human Beings:
We Live In The Age Of Technology, Why Are There dayly
Actions Violence?

1) What is the actual purpose of     "Neither intelligence nor
life?                                imagination are able to cause
                                     human beings to live and think.
                                     (Mozart 1756-1791).

2) Why do people hate or disdain?    "Hatred comes from the heart.
                                     Disdain comes from the head and
                                     both of them should be con-
                                     Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860).

3) What is the meaning of the word   "Madness is seldom in individuals
"individual"?                        but in groups, nations, and epoch
                                     madness is the rule."
                                     (Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900).

4) Why was the wise man Socrates     He was condemned to death, because
condemned to death?                  the politicians of his time
                                     were unable to accept his
                                     (Socrates: 470-399)

5) What happens when a person        If a person degrades another
humiliates another person?           person, he must consider that
                                     he is degrading himself.
                                     Booker T. Washington (1856-1915).

6) How does the psychologist-        "He claims that human-beings
Carl Gustav Jung define human        have an animal soul. The human
understanding?                       understanding subjects itself
                                     to the instincts with
                                     unconditional obedience."
                                     (Carl Gustav Jung 1875-1961).

7) In many countries of the world    "If men strive to be more
women are despised by men ... Why?   masculine, they should first of
                                     all satisfy the feminine in
                                     (Norman Mailer, 1923)

8) Why do people realize that        "People do not realize that their
their opinion is generally           opinion of the world is also a
valid?                               confession of their character."
                                     (Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882).

9) Is it always possible to          "Don't say you understand
understand other people?             another person, until you have
                                     shared an inheritance with him."
                                     (Johann Kasper Levata (1741-1801).

10) Is the human understanding       "If a person discovers a new idea,
always positive?                     he can never return to his
                                     original dimension."
                                     (Oliver Wendel Holmes, 1841-1935).

11) Why is democracy politically     The democracy is possible
good for a nation?                   because the human being has the
                                     capability to be just. … 


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