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Bibliography of German Narratology

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Bibliography of German Narratology

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[Editors' Note] The following bibliography of German narratological work is a selection from a much wider field. The selection criteria have been to include key studies in the field which are frequently referred to in German narratological criticism and are now classics of the field, irrespective of whether they are composed in German or English. In particular, the bibliography is designed to introduce non-German speakers to major narratologists whose work has been widely influential in German-speaking academia. Secondly, we include work published in English by key German narratologists, including work published in international journals with which the reader may already be familiar. Third, we have included major contributions to narratology that appeared in English in Festschriften, proceedings, and other European collections of essays of which the American reader may not easily have been aware. In this bibliography we also include the work of scholars of non-German origin who are teaching at German, Austrian, or Swiss universities and have therefore published in these kinds of volumes, treating them as "honorary Germans." The bibliography officially starts in 1975, but we have included especially important publications (classics) published before this date.

In some cases, English transliterations have been given for all or part of a German title.

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--. …

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