Academic journal article Christianity and Literature

By-Laws of the Conference on Christianity and Literature

Academic journal article Christianity and Literature

By-Laws of the Conference on Christianity and Literature

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We, the members of the Conference on Christianity and Literature (herein-after called the Society), believing that distinct benefits may be derived for Christian teachers of literature and the institutions they serve, by a closer affiliation, do organize for the following purposes:

Article I: Purposes

1. The promotion of high standards of Christian scholarship.

2. The sponsorship of a publication to serve as a forum for academic, scholarly discourse.

3. The support of Christian approaches to college teaching.

4. The fostering of Christian fellowship.

Article II: Membership

SECTION 1. Membership in the Society shall be open to all persons interested in its purposes and program.

SECTION 2. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to establish the level of dues for all classes of membership and, as economic circumstances change, to change the level of dues accordingly. The Board shall also determine the personal and institutional subscription rates for the Society's journal and shall advise the editor regarding the price to charge for single-copy and bulk orders of copies of this journal, as well as any other salable materials. Memberships and journal subscriptions shall begin from the date of payment.

SECTION 3. Regularly enrolled college or university students shall be eligible for associate membership, with all the privileges of membership, for annual dues at a reduced rate to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Article III: The Board of Directors

SECTION 1. NUMBER. The Board shall consist of thirteen (13) Directors, four (4) of whom shall be the elected officers during their respective terms of office. Of the remaining nine members, seven (7) shall serve as elected representatives from the seven regions of CCL, and two (2) shall serve as at-large members.

SECTION 2. GENERAL POWERS AND LIMITATIONS. In carrying out the purposes of the Society, the Board of Directors shall have power:

(a) without limit as to the amount going to any one recipient, or, in the aggregate, to all recipients, to make and award donations, gifts, contributions, scholarships, fellowships, and loans, from the income or assets of the Society, but exclusively for educational, literary, and religious purposes within the limitations set forth in the Articles of Incorporation;

(b) to accept any contribution, gift, bequest or devise for the general purposes or for any special purpose of the Society;

(c) to purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire, hold, invest, reinvest, use, mortgage, pledge, lease, exchange, sell, assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of both real and personal property of every kind and description, and any interest in any property, and to exercise in respect of any and all property any and all rights and privileges of ownership;

(d) to promote and carry out its objects and purposes, and to exercise its powers, within and without the State of Illinois;

(e) to enter into, make, perform, and carry out any contracts or agreements for any purposes or objects herein set forth, without limit as to amount, with any individual, firm, association, corporation, or entity;

(f) to do any act suitable and proper in the accomplishment of the purposes or the attainment of the objects or the furtherance of the powers herein set forth, either alone or in association with other corporations, firms, or individuals or otherwise;

(g) to establish By-Laws governing the conduct of meetings and the transaction of business and such other matters as it may consider appropriate;

(h) to do every other act or acts incidental or appurtenant to or growing out of the aforesaid objects or purposes, provided the same are not inconsistent with the laws under which the Society is incorporated;

(i) as provided by the Not for Profit Corporation Act of the Statutes of the State of Illinois. …

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