Academic journal article Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics

A Bibliographical Guide to Edward Said

Academic journal article Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics

A Bibliographical Guide to Edward Said

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This entry provides a bilingual bibliographical guide to Edward Said's writing (books and articles), works on him (books and journals), and sources of information on him (documentary films and websites). The Arabic section provides a list of translations and works on Said. The bibliography is extensive but not exhaustive. It is meant to help researchers consulting Edward Said's works in English and Arabic and/or exploring his reception in both languages.


This bibliography is not meant to be exhaustive, but it strives to be as inclusive as possible, to serve as a guide for researchers. Besides works by Said, there is also a section of works on Said that does not attempt to cite all writings on him, but refers to books and special issues of journals devoted (or devoting a dossier) to him.

When Said published an essay in more than one place (both in a journal and, later, in a book of his, for example), we have selected the version that is more accessible to the reader (in this case the book, rather than the article in a journal). Some of Said's books were published by more than one publisher (occasionally in the same year). We opted for listing only one. When referring to books by Said, a table of contents was provided to give the reader an idea of the breadth of the topics the book deals with.

As for Said's journalistic essays--many of which have been collected in books--we simply referred to the dailies, weeklies, and monthlies in which Said wrote regularly, and provided their websites, so that those interested can undertake the search themselves online. We have also included websites devoted to Said and available documentaries.

The bibliographical guide is divided into the following categories:

I. Individual Books by Said

II. Edited Books by Said

III. Co-authored Books by Said

IV. Articles, Introductions, and Other Writings by Said

V. Periodicals to which Said Contributed Regularly

VI. Documentary Films on Said

VII. Books on Said

VIII. Special Issues of Journals on Said

IX. Websites and Electronic Lists dedicated to Said

There is also an Arabic bibliographical guide to Said in the Arabic section of this issue, which lists the translations of Said into Arabic and other works on him. In this section, we have only mentioned English-language periodicals for which Said wrote regularly.

I am grateful to the Alif team for their help in compiling this bibliographical guide, and to many others who have kindly advised me in this project and whose names are acknowledged as supporters of Alif on the first page of the issue. No doubt, some errors or missing information will be discovered after this issue goes to press. We urge anyone who is interested in preserving the legacy of Edward Said to inform us by e-mail (, so that we can correct and update this bibliographical guide periodically, making it available to the electronic Said Forum and to whoever might need to consult it.

I. Individual Books (arranged chronologically):

Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of Autobiography. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1966.

Part One: Conrad's Letter:

I. The Claims of Individuality II. Character and the Knitting Machine, 1896-1912 III. The Claims of Fiction, 1896-1912 IV. Worlds at War, 1912-1918 V. The New Order 1918-1924.

Part Two: Conrad's Shorter Fiction:

VI. The Past and the Present VII. The Craft of the Present VIII. Truth, Idea, and the Image IX. The Shadow Line.

Beginnings: Intention and Method. NY: Basic Books, 1975.

1. Beginning Ideas 2. A Meditation on Beginnings 3. The Novel as Beginning Intention 4. Beginning with a Text 5. Abecedarium Culturae: Absence, Writing, Statement, Discourse, Archeology, Structuralism 6. Conclusion: Vico in His Work and in This.

Orientalism. NY: Pantheon, 1978. …

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