Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2004-2005 *

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2004-2005 *

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University at Albany (29) (25) (9)

JAMES WALKER, "Hegel's Response to Meta-Critical Skepticism in the Phenomenology of Spirit." Adviser: Robert Howell.

University of Alberta (37) (32) (15)

University of Arizona (42) (42) (20)

JOSHUA COWLEY, "The Role of Interference in a Theory of Concepts." Adviser: John Pollock. (Awarded in 2004)

RACHAEL POULSEN, "A Foundationalist Defense of the Given." Adviser: John Pollock. (Awarded in 2004)

Boston College (119) (84) (25)

DAVID W. BOLLERT, "The Wonder of the Philosopher and the Citizen: Plato, Aristotle, and Heidegger." Advisers: Richard Kearney and Jacques Taminiaux.

HUSSAIN H. A. H. ESMAIL, "The Possibility of Philosophical Discourse in Plato's Timaeus." Advisers: Gary Gurtler and Marina McCoy.

ALICIA JARAMILLO, "The Total Transcendence of the Infinite in Thomas Aquinas: A Systematic Inquiry into the Problem of the Finite and the Infinite as a Way of Resolving an Impasse in Modern Philosophy of Religion." Advisers: Oliva Blanchette and Frederick Lawrence.

SIMON J. MAKURU, "Violence and Liberation: Fanon's Political Philosophy of Humanization in the Historical Context of Racism and Colonialism." Advisers: Oliva Blanchette and Richard Cobb-Stevens.

JOHN PANTELEIMON MANOUSSAKIS, "God after Metaphysics: A Theological Aesthetic." Advisers: Richard Kearney and Gary Gurtler.

AGUSTINUS SUGIYO PITOYO, "The Centrality of Human Plurality in Hannah Arendt's Philosophy of Political Action and Its Relevance for the Current Indonesian Political Situation." Advisers: James Bernauer and David Rasmussen.

LUBOS ROJKA, "The Eternity of God: Comparative Study of Bernard Lonergan, S.J and Richard Swinburne." Advisers: Patrick Byrne and Ronald Tacelli.

JOSEPH WESTFALL, "The Kierkegaardian Author: Authorship in Kiekegaard's Literary and Dramatic Criticism." Advisers: Vanessa Rumble and Richard Kearney.

MICHAEL J. ZILLES, "Stanley Cavell: The Exercise of Philosophical Authority." Advisers: David Rasmussen and Richard Cobb-Stevens.

Boston University (80) (50) (31)

NIR EISIKOVITS, "Warmer, Easier Truces: Reconciliation as a Function of Rights and Sympathy." Adviser: David Lyons.

MARIA GRANIK, "Truth and Art in Heidegger's Reading of Nietzsche." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom.

MIRJA HARTIMO, "Husserl and the Foundations of Mathematics." Adviser: Jaakko Hintikka.

CHARLES LOWNEY, "The Ineffable and the Tacit: Language as the Universal Medium and Language as a Calculus in the Philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein." Adviser: Jaakko Hintikka.

MARK NYVLT, "Aristotle and Plotinus in the Simplicity of Nous." Adviser: Klaus Brinkmann.

DAVID SHIKLAR, "Being and Substance in Aristotle's Metaphysics." Adviser: Stanley Rosen.

MARY TROXELL, "Aspects of the Will in Arthur Schopenhauer." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom.

Bowling Green State University (33) (28) (15)

ROBERT BASS, "Towards a Constructivist Eudaemonism." Adviser: Edward McClennen.

MARYBETH BAUER, "Planning in Social Context: A Guide for Environmental Practitioners." Adviser: Donald Scherer.

AMY WHITE, "The Obscenity of Internet Pornography: A Philosophical Analysis of the Regulation of Sexually Explicit Internet Content." Adviser: Loren Lomasky.

University of British Columbia (30) (36) (10)

AMIT HAGAR, "Chance and Time: Cutting the Gordian Knot." Adviser: Steven Savitt.

Brown University (35) (33) (13)

GARY MICHAEL PACE, "Perceptual Consciousness and Justification." Adviser: Ernest Sosa.

University at Buffalo (47) (47) (14)

LAURA ARCILA, "Philosophy and the Ordinary." Adviser: Newton Garver. (Awarded in 2004)

CHIEN CHIH CHI, "An Analysis of the Problem of the Irreducibility of the Mind." Adviser: John Kearns. (Awarded in 2004)

CHRISTOPHER KEEGAN, "Defending Deep Democracy. …

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