Academic journal article Canadian Journal of History

William Pitt the Younger: Some Unnoticed Manuscripts

Academic journal article Canadian Journal of History

William Pitt the Younger: Some Unnoticed Manuscripts

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In 1989, A.D. Harvey published William Pitt the Younger, 1759-1806, the initial volume in the Meckler's' series Bibliographies of British Statesmen, intended to be authoritative guides for graduate researchers, listing all available published, as well as manuscript, source materials. In the course of preparing a volume in the same series on William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, I have identified additional archival sources relating to the younger Pitt that were not included in Harvey's compendium or referred to only peripherally. The aim in this note is to supplement the latter work by listing and providing the precise location of these sources in the hope that this information, made more generally available, will aid the work of future biographers or other scholars interested in the period.

1) Birmingham, Central Library, B3 3HQ, England.

a) Eight items of correspondence between William Pitt the Younger and

Mathew Boulton, 1787-1800.

b) Autograph letter from William Pitt to John Baker-Holroyd, 8 April


2) Cumbria Record Office, Kendal, Cumbria; LA9 4RQ.

a) Rydal Hall papers: two letters from Pitt to Sir Michael le Fleming,

1788, 1797.

b) Lonsdale Archive: i) letter from the Duke of Portland to Sir James

Lowther, 1st Earl of Lonsdale concerning Pitt's candidature for the

Cambridge University seat in Parliament 1779 D/Lons/LI/I/55.

ii) letter from Pitt to 1st Earl of Lonsdale concerning sending militia

regiments to Ireland 1798 D/Lons/LI/158. iii) letter from Sir William Lowther concerning Pitt's support for the

Earl of Lonsdale, 1801 D/Lons/LI/I/59.

iv) various letters from Pitt to J. Browne and Lord Lumher, 1799-1805


v) three letters from Lord Mulgrave to Lord Lowther concerning

putting Pitt in office, 1803-1804 D/Lons/LI/2/10.

vi) correspondence between Lord Camden and Lord Lowther

concerning Pitt's political affairs, 1803-1806 D/Lons/LI/2/19. vii) letter from Lord Lowther to Pitt criticizing his administration, 1805

D/Lons/LI/2/52. viii) assorted letters from Pitt to J. Smyth of Wakefield, 1792


xi) one bundle of letters from Pitt to Lord Lowther, 1787-1804

D/Lons/LI/2/159. (most of these letters have been printed in:

Historical Manuscript Commission Reports: report on the manuscripts

of the Earl of Lonsdale, London, 1893).

3) Essex Record Office, County Hall Chelmsford, CM1 1LX.

a) correspondence of Sir Robert Smyth, MP for Colchester, 1780-1790.

i) letter from William Pitt, 1784, regarding proposed India Bill

(D/DFg z1).

b) correspondence of Sir John Griffin-Griffin Lord Howard and


i) several letters from Pitt, 1784-1795.

4) Staffordshire Record Office, County Buildings, Eastgate Street Stafford ST16


a) (Sutherland Papers)(2)

i) William Pitt to 2nd Earl Gower, later 1st Marquis of Stafford, 5

Sept. 1784 D868/10/37a.

ii) 2nd Earl Gower to William Pitt, 8 Sept. 1784 D868/10/37b. iii) William Pitt to 2nd. Earl Gower, 25 Aug. 1797 D868/10/38a.

iv) 1st Marquis of Stafford to Pitt, nd (1797) D868/10/38b

v) Pitt to 1st Marquis of Stafford, 4 July 1798 D868/10/39.

vi) Pitt to same, 27 June 1798 D868/10/40. vii) Pitt to same, 15 July 1799 D868/10/41a. viii) Pitt to same, 18 June 1800 D868/10/42a.

ix) 1st Marquis of Stafford to Pitt, nd (1800) D868/10/42b.

x) Pitt to Earl Gower, 2nd Marquis of Stafford, 4 May 1802 D868/11/6.

xi) George Granville, later 3rd Earl Gower to Pitt, 2 Aug. 1792

D868/11/4. xii) Pitt to same, 22 Feb. 1799 D868/11/29.

5) Suffolk Record Office, County Hall, Ipswich, IP4 2IS. …

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