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Rise of the Business Preacher

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Rise of the Business Preacher

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SEVERAL SPEAKERS AT THE ABA Annual Convention held earlier this fall could be described as "business preachers." Not because they made a religion out of business, but because some of the principles they espoused could easily have been put forward from a pulpit. Motivational speakers have always been a staple of business conferences, but we now have speakers who combine elements of business strategy with guidelines for personal behavior far beyond what we're used to hearing.

Two of the ABA speakers were authors of best-selling business books--Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, and Doug Lennick, co-author of Moral Intelligence. Here's a sampling of what they said at the conference:

Jim Collins

* A rock-solid set of core values distinguishes good from great leaders--along with the ability to distinguish between values held sacred and practices and goals that may change.

* We often focus on output. But life is really about the quality of the input--the things that nobody can see; things where only you know if you did your best, told the truth, etc.

* Great companies result from disciplined people, disciplined thought, disciplined action.

Doug Lennick

* Moral intelligence is knowing right from wrong. Moral competence is doing the right thing, which takes courage when you do it in the face of fear or difficulty.

* There are four universal human principles: integrity, responsibility, compassion, forgiveness.

* Leadership of others is primarily a function of management of oneself.

* Knowledge of itself is not that important. Wisdom is important.

Lennick and Collins are not the only examples of this trend, nor the first. …

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