Ecology of Obesity

Article excerpt

On June 6 and 7, 2005, the College of Human Ecology hosted a conference entitled "Ecology of Obesity: Science and Action." The conference brought together health professionals, researchers, and extension educators from all across New York State and addressed the epidemic of obesity from a broad range of perspectives. Among the topics discussed were the impact of obesity on our economy, the ways the built environment can hinder or encourage physical activity, and socioeconomic and racial disparities associated with obesity. Organization of the conference was led by two faculty members in the college: Christine Olson, of the Division of Nutritional Sciences, and Nancy Wells, of the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis.

We have chosen to dedicate this issue of Human Ecology to this conference and to the issue of obesity in general. This growing health concern affects us all. In a super-sized society where healthy choices are often few and far between, we must all work together to actively promote healthier lifestyles and to offer positive food-choice examples for our children. …


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