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(A complete list of ISSUP publications is available on request/ 'n Volledige lys van ISSUP-publikasies is op aanvraag beskikbaar)


The Director

Institute for Strategic Studies

University of Pretoria



Tel: (+ 27-12) 420-2407

Fax: (+ 27-12) 420-2693



Die Direkteur

Instituut vir Strategiese Studies

Universiteit van Pretoria



Tel: (+ 27-12) 420-2407

Faks: (+ 27-12) 420-2693



Negotiations in the RSA: Selected issues and viewpoints, M Hough, A du Plessis, M van der Merwe (eds), ISBN 0 86979 807 3, 190 pages, Ad hoc No 27, October 1990. Price: R14/US$14.

Selected documents and commentaries on negotiations and constitutional development in the RSA: 1989-1994, M Hough and A du Plessis, ISBN 0-86979-956-8, 248 pages, Ad Hoc No 31, July 1994. Price: R25/US$20.

Africa: Selected documents on political, security, humanitarian and economic issues, M Hough and A du Plessis (eds), ISBN 1-86854-141-X, 229 pages, Ad Hoc No 33, November 1996. Price: R30/US$25.

Contemporary international organisations and treaties: Selected documents, M Hough and A du Plessis (eds) ISBN 1-86854-191-6, 264 pages, Ad Hoc No 34, October 1997. Price: R40/US$35.

Conference papers: Air power in Southern Africa: A collective asset, M Hough and A du Plessis (eds), ISBN 0-86854-249-1, 63 pages, Ad Hoc No 35, July 1998. Price: R16/US$15.

Conference papers: The Grim Reaper: Organised Crime in the 1990s--Implications for South and Southern Africa, M Hough and A du Plessis (eds), ISBN 1-86854-328-5, 80 pages, Ad Hoc No 36, May 1999. Price: R20/US$20.

Selected official South African strategic and security perceptions: 1992-2000, M Hough and A du Plessis (eds), ISBN 1-86854-369-2, 147 pages, Ad Hoc No 37, November 2000. Price: R25/US$20.

Selected military issues with specific reference to the Republic of South Africa, M Hough and L du Plessis (eds), ISBN 1-86854-416-8, 124 pages, Ad Hoc No 38, August 2001. Price: R30/US$30. …


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